Earlier this week Apple announced plenty of new and awesome features coming to iOS 8 later this year — among them were HomeKit and new notification center widgets. HomeKit looks to unify all of your connected things from big brands like Schalge, Chamberlain and Phillips. You'll no longer need to use each device's app individual, rather you can control multiple supported devices with HomeKit instead. Couple HomeKit with notification center widgets and you will have some very cool tools, like the one shown off today by @phillipshuedev.

Posted to the account was a concept image of what a Phillips Hue notification center widget might look like on iOS 8. From the looks of it, the widget would allow quick and easy access to your Hue profiles and let you control your lighting without having to open an app.

Just one of the many cool HomeKit goodies we have to look forward to when iOS 8 lands later this year.

Excited for iOS 8 and HomeKit? What kind of integration are you hoping for?

Source: 9to5Mac