Touch Br on Photoshop

When Apple first announced the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID at its October event, Adobe was on-hand to impress us with what we could expect to be able to do in Photoshop CC. Today, Adobe updated Photoshop 2017 for the Mac with Touch Bar support, so you can now access all the great editing tools without having to look for them in the app menu.

From the company's blog:

I've had a chance to use the Touch Bar a bit and I find it exciting for two reasons. First, the Touch Bar is useful for surfacing a contextual "next step". This is helpful both for a beginner who might not know how to navigate Photoshop and for an experienced user in giving them speedier access to the desired next action. Second, the Touch Bar is useful for accessing controls in a new way, especially controls that were sometimes clumsy with a keyboard and mouse.

Adobe released a support document that explains how the Touch Bar works with Photoshop. There are three different modes: Layers Properties, Brushes, and Favorites. There are also secondary contextual tools available when certain features are selected. For example, when you use Select & Mask, the Touch Bar displays controls related to making selections.

The default mode displays a quick-tap to all three categories — tap a category to dig in deeper. If you tend to use one particular section more than the others, you can customize the Touch Bar with whichever tools matter most to you. Do you wish Duplicate Layer was easier to access? Put it at the forefront on the Touch Bar!

Photoshop on Touch Bar

I don't use Photoshop on the regular, so Touch Bar support is a huge productivity bonus for me. I'm one of those part-time users that can never remember the keyboard shortcuts and have trouble figuring out where to find certain tools.

What about you? Have you tried using the Touch Bar with Photoshop? Do you think it's better to have the tools right at your fingertips, or do you prefer accessing them the way you always have?