Pingpad introduces a whole new user experience in version 1.1

Pingpad is a solid app for those requiring a platform to collaborate with colleagues on projects. The app itself has been updated to version 1.1, which introduces a new user experience and allows you to double tap various commands. This latest release makes it even easier to start conversations and turn them into collaborations to really ramp up productivity.

This new user experience is available for those on an iPhone and iPad. With just two taps, you'll be able to message someone privately. But that's not all, as two more taps and you can expand a group. If you'd like to turn a message into a note, that'll be two taps. And finally, assigning a task to coordinate who is responsible for what is another two taps. Two tap all the things!

As well as the improvements made to mobile apps, the Pingpad team have also worked to include Activity in Chat on the iOS, Android and web desktop apps. You'll now be able to see who is doing what, as well as checking on activity of a specific group. Whether people have been added or removed, notes created or edited and tasks assigned will be available for viewing in that specific activity stream.

Rich Edmonds