Pokémon 243 Raikou

Pokemon 243 Raikou
Pokemon 243 Raikou (Image credit: The Pokémon Company)

Name: Raikou (Japanese: ライコウ Raikou)

Classification: Thunder Pokémon

Type: Electric

Generation: Gen II Johto Region

Gender Ratio: Genderless

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 392.4 lbs

Evolution: N/A

Alternate Formes:

  • Shadow Raikou (Pokémon Go)
  • Purified Raikou (Pokémon Go)

How to catch in Sword/Shield: Not Available Yet

How to catch in Go:

Description: One of the three Legendary Beasts of Johto resurrected by the Legendary Bird Ho-oh, Raikou is a saber-tooth tiger with lightning in its veins. It is mostly yellow, with black stripes and a purple mane that is reminiscent of a storm cloud. Its tail looks like an actual bolt of electricity and it has a dark mask of sort over its face. It also has a light blue x across its upper lip and cheeks, and white fur from its cheeks down its stomach. Each of its massive paws has three claws that line up to a single point and cannot retract.

Capable of creating and racing across storm clouds, Raikou is found almost exclusively during storms, but also when other Electric type Pokémon are in danger. Though it is usually distrustful of humans, Raikou has been known to form bonds with people who aid it. Legends tell that the Legendary bird, Ho-oh brought Raikou, Entei, and Suicune back to life after they perished in the fire that destroyed the Brass Tower. It is said that Ho-oh reincarnated these three Pokémon, granting them each powers that represented the events of the fire. Raikou was granted lightning as it was a lighting strike that started the fire.

Core Games

Raikou in the core games

  • Sword Pokédex: Not Available Yet
  • Shield Pokédex: Not Available Yet
  • Omega Ruby Pokédex & Alpha Sapphire Pokédex: Raikou embodies the speed of lightning. The roars of this Pokémon send shock waves shuddering through the air and shake the ground as if lightning bolts had come crashing down.

Base Stats

  • 90 HP
  • 85 Attack
  • 75 Defense
  • 115 Sp. Attack
  • 100 Sp. Defense
  • 115 Speed
  • 580 Total

Moves by Level

  • Extrasensory (lv 1)
  • Discharge (lv 1)
  • Bite (lv 1)
  • Leer (lv 1)
  • Thunder Shock (lv 8)
  • Roar (lv 15)
  • Quick Attack (lv 22)
  • Spark (lv 29)
  • Reflect (lv 36)
  • Crunch (lv 43)
  • Thunder Fang (lv 50)
  • Discharge (lv 57)
  • Extrasensory (lv 64)
  • Rain Dance (lv 71)
  • Calm Mind (lv 78)
  • Thunder (lv 85)

Moves by TM/TR

  • TM04 Calm Mind
  • TM05 Roar
  • TM06 Toxic
  • TM10 Hidden Power
  • TM11 Sunny Day
  • TM15 Hyper Beam
  • TM16 Light Screen
  • TM17 Protect
  • TM18 Rain Dance
  • TM21 Frustration
  • TM24 Thunderbolt
  • TM25 Thunder
  • TM27 Return
  • TM30 Shadow Ball
  • TM32 Double Team
  • TM33 Reflect
  • TM37 Sandstorm
  • TM42 Facade
  • TM44 Rest
  • TM48 Round
  • TM57 Charge Beam
  • TM60 Quash
  • TM68 Giga Impact
  • TM72 Volt Switch
  • TM73 Thunder Wave
  • TM77 Psych Up
  • TM78 Bulldoze
  • TM87 Swagger
  • TM88 Sleep Talk
  • TM90 Substitute
  • TM93 Wild Charge
  • TM95 Snarl
  • TM100 Confide

Moves by Tutoring

  • Iron Head
  • Iron Tail
  • Laser Focus
  • Magnet Rise
  • Shock Wave
  • Signal Beam
  • Snore
  • Throat Chop

Damaged normally by

  • Normal 1×
  • Fighting 1×
  • Poison 1×
  • Rock 1×
  • Bug 1×
  • Ghost 1×
  • Fire 1×
  • Water 1×
  • Grass 1×
  • Psychic 1×
  • Ice 1×
  • Dragon 1×
  • Dark 1×
  • Fairy 1×

Weak to

  • Ground 2×

Immune to

  • None

Resistant to

  • Flying ½×
  • Steel ½×
  • Electric ½×

Pokémon Go

Raikou in Pokémon Go

Pokédex: Raikou embodies the speed of lightning. The roars of this Pokémon send shock waves shuddering through the air and shake the ground as if lightning bolts had come crashing down.

Egg Distance: N/A

Buddy Distance: 20 KM

Pokemon Go 243 Raikou

Pokemon Go 243 Raikou (Image credit: Niantic)

Base Stats

  • 207 Stamina
  • 241 Attack
  • 195 Defense


  • Fast Attacks: Thunder Shock, Volt Switch
  • Charged Attacks: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, Shadow Ball

Shiny: Yes

Pokemon Go 243 Raikou Shiny

Pokemon Go 243 Raikou Shiny (Image credit: Niantic)

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