Pokemon 630 MandibuzzSource: The Pokémon Company

Name: Mandibuzz (Japanese: バルジーナ Vulgina)

Classification: Bone Vulture Pokémon

Type: Dark/Flying

Generation: Gen V Unova Region

Gender Ratio: 100% Female

Height: 3' 11"

Weight: 87.1 lbs


  • Evolves from Vullaby at level 54.
  • Evolves from Vullaby with 50 Candies in Pokémon Go.

Alternate Formes: None

How to catch in Sword/Shield:

  • Trade (Shield Exclusive)
  • Evolve Vullaby
  • Dusty Bowl
  • Lake of Outrage
  • Max Raid Battles
  • Bridge Field
  • Dusty Bowl
  • East Lake Axewell
  • Giant's Mirror
  • Rolling Fields
  • Stony Wilderness
  • West Lake Axewell

How to catch in Go: Not Available Yet

Description: Mandibuzz resembles a turkey vulture wearing an apron made of a jawbone with very sharp teeth. She has tan feathers around her collar, dark brown on most of her body and wings, and light brown on her wing tips. Her head is featherless and pink, save for a tuft of dark brown feathers on the top of her head. This tuft of feathers is decorated with a bone that looks like a hair clip.

Mandibuzz incorporate bones into their fashion, as well as their nests. Different types of bones will fall in and out of their definition of fashionable over time. They will drag weakened prey back to their nests, especially Cubone who they target for their skull helmets. While they are very rough with outsiders, Mandibuzz are quite maternal and will take care of their own, often adopting young Vullaby who've lost their mothers.

Core Games

Mandibuzz in the core games

  • Sword Pokédex: Although it's a bit of a ruffian, this Pokémon will take lost Vullaby under its wing and care for them till they're ready to leave the nest.
  • Shield Pokédex: They adorn themselves with bones. There seem to be fashion trends among them, as different bones come into and fall out of popularity.

Pokemon 630 MandibuzzSource: The Pokémon Company

Base Stats

  • 110 HP
  • 65 Attack
  • 105 Defense
  • 55 Sp. Attack
  • 95 Sp. Defense
  • 80 Speed
  • 510 Total

Moves by Level

Bone Rush (lv 1) Sky Attack (lv 1) Toxic (lv 1) Gust (lv 1) Leer (lv 1) Flatter (lv 1) Pluck (lv 1) Bone Rush (Evo) Tailwind (lv 18) Knock Off (lv 24) Iron Defense (lv 30) Whirlwind (lv 36) Air Slash (lv 42) Dark Pulse (lv 48) Nasty Plot (lv 57) Defog (lv 64) Attract (lv 72) Brave Bird (lv 80)

Moves by TM/TR

  • TM06 Fly
  • TM08 Hyper Beam
  • TM09 Giga Impact
  • TM21 Rest
  • TM23 Thief
  • TM24 Snore
  • TM25 Protect
  • TM26 Scary Face
  • TM30 Steel Wing
  • TM31 Attract
  • TM33 Rain Dance
  • TM34 Sunny Day
  • TM39 Facade
  • TM40 Swift
  • TM47 Fake Tears
  • TM48 Rock Tomb
  • TM56 U-turn
  • TM57 Payback
  • TM58 Assurance
  • TM76 Round
  • TM79 Retaliate
  • TM85 Snarl
  • TM95 Air Slash
  • TR20 Substitute
  • TR26 Endure
  • TR27 Sleep Talk
  • TR33 Shadow Ball
  • TR36 Heat Wave
  • TR37 Taunt
  • TR46 Iron Defense
  • TR58 Dark Pulse
  • TR66 Brave Bird
  • TR68 Nasty Plot
  • TR81 Foul Play

Moves by Breeding

  • Mean Look
  • Roost
  • Toxic

Damaged normally by

  • Normal 1×
  • Fighting 1×
  • Flying 1×
  • Poison 1×
  • Bug 1×
  • Steel 1×
  • Fire 1×
  • Water 1×
  • Dragon 1×

Weak to

  • Rock 2×
  • Electric 2×
  • Ice 2×
  • Fairy 2×

Immune to

  • Ground
  • Psychic

Resistant to

  • Ghost ½×
  • Grass ½×
  • Dark ½×

Pokémon Go

Mandibuzz in Pokémon Go

Pokédex: Watching from the sky, they swoop to strike weakened Pokémon on the ground. They decorate themselves with bones.

Egg Distance: N/A

Buddy Distance: 5 KM

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Base Stats

  • 242 Stamina
  • 129 Attack
  • 205 Defense


  • Fast Attacks: Snarl, Air Slash
  • Charged Attacks: Dark Pulse, Sky Attack, Foul Play, Shadow Ball

Shiny: Not Available Yet

Shiny Images Coming Soon!

More information

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