Pokemon 789 CosmogSource: The Pokémon Company

Name: Cosmog (Japanese: コスモッグ Cosmog)

Classification: Nebula Pokémon

Type: Psychic

Generation: Gen VII Alola Region

Gender Ratio: Genderless

Height: 8"

Weight: 0.2 lbs


  • Evolves into Cosmoem at level 43.

Alternate Formes: None

How to catch in Sword/Shield:

How to catch in Go: Not Available Yet

Description: Little more than a nebulous cloud of energy, Cosmog's body ranges in color from black to pink to purple to blue. Its face is mostly black, save for blue cheeks and bright yellow eyes. When it opens its mouth, Cosmog's yellow tongue can be seen. It has two protrusions atop its body shaped a little like afro puffs that are bright blue with little sprinklings of white stars. These puffs often have bits of gaseous blue spilling apart from the rest of its body. Circling vertically around its body, Cosmog has a golden circlet that starts at the top of its face and ends just below the bottom of its face.

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Particularly unique for a Legendary Pokémon, Cosmog is capable of evolution. Known as the "Child of the Stars", Cosmog can be created by Solgaleo and Lunala and will evolve into Cosmoem which will, in turn, evolve into either Solgaleo or Lunala depending on which game it is evolved in. Cosmog is very trusting, leaving it vulnerable to being used by those with less than noble intentions, and often carefree, not worrying when it is blown about by even the slightest breeze. Although small and easily tired out, Cosmog can warp itself and those nearby and is capable of opening Ultra Wormholes when under stress.

Core Games

Cosmog in the core games

  • Sword Pokédex: This Pokémon came from another universe. Its gaseous body is so light that even a gentle breeze can blow it away.
  • Shield Pokédex: Cosmog is very curious but not very cautious, often placing itself in danger. If things start to look dicey, it teleports away.

Pokemon 789 CosmogSource: The Pokémon Company

Base Stats

  • 43 HP
  • 29 Attack
  • 31 Defense
  • 29 Sp. Attack
  • 31 Sp. Defense
  • 37 Speed
  • 200 Total

Moves by Level

  • Splash (lv 1)
  • Teleport (lv 1)

Damaged normally by

  • Normal 1×
  • Flying 1×
  • Poison 1×
  • Ground 1×
  • Rock 1×
  • Steel 1×
  • Fire 1×
  • Water 1×
  • Grass 1×
  • Electric 1×
  • Ice 1×
  • Dragon 1×
  • Fairy 1×

Weak to

  • Bug 2×
  • Ghost 2×
  • Dark 2×

Immune to

  • None

Resistant to

  • Fighting ½×
  • Psychic ½×

Pokémon Go

Cosmog in Pokémon Go

Pokédex: Not Available Yet

More information

  • Coming Soon!

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