Pokemon 791 SolgaleoSource: The Pokémon Company

Name: Solgaleo (Japanese: ソルガレオ Solgaleo)

Classification: Sunne Pokémon

Type: Psychic/Steel

Generation: Gen VII Alola Region

Gender Ratio: Genderless

Height: 11' 2"

Weight: 507.1 lbs


  • Evolves from Cosmoem at level 53 in Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Ultra Sun, and Pokémon Sword.

Alternate Formes:

  • Radiant Sun Phase: taken in Ultra Space or when using either of its signature moves, Sunsteel Strike and Seering Sunraze Smash.
  • Dusk Mane Necrozma: formed by fusing with Necrozma using N-Solarizer.

How to catch in Sword/Shield:

How to catch in Go: Not Available Yet

Description: A massive white lion, Solgaleo's face contains what is left of the nebulous orb that made up its previous stages. The golden shell that made up its cocoon as Cosmoem has splayed out forming a rough eight pointed star around its face, as well as five golden ridges around portions of its mane. The five portions of its mane with ridges, also have reddish orange ridges closer to its face. Similarly colored bands circle just above Solgaleo's black feet. Solgaleo also has black markings on its legs, underbelly, and the end of its tail. Within the purple-blue nebula of its face, are two light blue eyes and a light blue nose.

Having another forme, Solgaleo will occasionally enter into its Radiant Sun Phase. While in Radiant Sun Phase, a third eye in the shape of a compass rose opens at the center of its forehead and Solgaleo's entire body glows brilliantly. The stars that had been in its face are replaced with streaks of light and dark energy fires off from its mane.

Solgaleo has been honored by the people of Alola since ancient times as the emissary of the sun and is also known as the "Beast that Devours the Sun". It lives in another world entirely, spending most of its time in Ultra Space. It can open up Ultra Wormholes and, along with its feminine counterpart, Lunala, can create new Cosmog. Although it is referred to as the masculine evolution of Cosmoem, Solgaleo is genderless like most Legendary Pokémon. Capable of producing and storing vast amounts of energy, Solgaleo can light up bright enough to make even the middle of the night seem like midday.

Core Games

Solgaleo in the core games

  • Sword Pokédex: When light radiates from its body, this Pokémon could almost appear to be the sun. It will dispel any darkness and light up the world.
  • Shield Pokédex: Solgaleo was once known as the Beast That Devours the Sun. Energy in the form of light radiates boundlessly from it.

Pokemon 791 SolgaleoSource: The Pokémon Company

Base Stats

  • 137 HP
  • 137 Attack
  • 107 Defense
  • 113 Sp. Attack
  • 89 Sp. Defense
  • 97 Speed
  • 680 Total

Moves by Level

  • Sunsteel Strike (lv 1)
  • Cosmic Power (lv 1)
  • Teleport (lv 1)
  • Metal Claw (lv 1)
  • Noble Roar (lv 1)
  • Sunsteel Strike (Evo)
  • Iron Head (lv 7)
  • Metal Sound (lv 14)
  • Zen Headbutt (lv 21)
  • Flash Cannon (lv 28)
  • Morning Sun (lv 35)
  • Crunch (lv 42)
  • Metal Burst (lv 49)
  • Wild Charge (lv 56)
  • Solar Beam (lv 63)
  • Flare Blitz (lv 70)
  • Wide Guard (lv 77)
  • Giga Impact (lv 84)

Moves by TM/TR

  • TM08 Hyper Beam
  • TM09 Giga Impact
  • TM11 Solar Beam
  • TM13 Fire Spin
  • TM14 Thunder Wave
  • TM17 Light Screen
  • TM18 Reflect
  • TM19 Safeguard
  • TM21 Rest
  • TM22 Rock Slide
  • TM24 Snore
  • TM25 Protect
  • TM26 Scary Face
  • TM34 Sunny Day
  • TM39 Facade
  • TM40 Swift
  • TM41 Helping Hand
  • TM48 Rock Tomb
  • TM70 Trick Room
  • TM76 Round
  • TM81 Bulldoze
  • TM85 Snarl
  • TM92 Mystical Fire
  • TR02 Flamethrower
  • TR08 Thunderbolt
  • TR09 Thunder
  • TR10 Earthquake
  • TR11 Psychic
  • TR12 Agility
  • TR15 Fire Blast
  • TR20 Substitute
  • TR24 Outrage
  • TR25 Psyshock
  • TR26 Endure
  • TR27 Sleep Talk
  • TR31 Iron Tail
  • TR32 Crunch
  • TR34 Future Sight
  • TR39 Superpower
  • TR42 Hyper Voice
  • TR44 Cosmic Power
  • TR46 Iron Defense
  • TR49 Calm Mind
  • TR52 Gyro Ball
  • TR53 Close Combat
  • TR55 Flare Blitz
  • TR64 Focus Blast
  • TR69 Zen Headbutt
  • TR70 Flash Cannon
  • TR74 Iron Head
  • TR75 Stone Edge
  • TR79 Heavy Slam
  • TR85 Work Up
  • TR86 Wild Charge
  • TR88 Heat Crash
  • TR97 Psychic Fangs

Moves by Tutoring

  • Steel Beam

Moves by Prior Evolution

  • Splash

Damaged normally by

  • Fighting 1×
  • Bug 1×
  • Water 1×
  • Electric 1×

Weak to

  • Ground 2×
  • Ghost 2×
  • Fire 2×
  • Dark 2×

Immune to

  • Poison

Resistant to

  • Normal ½×
  • Flying ½×
  • Rock ½×
  • Steel ½×
  • Grass ½×
  • Psychic ¼×
  • Ice ½×
  • Dragon ½×
  • Fairy ½×

Pokémon Go

Solgaleo in Pokémon Go

Pokédex: Not Available Yet

More information

  • Coming Soon!