Pokémon Go increases diversity, rejiggers eggs

Following the end of the Halloween event and the tease of a new bonus system, a few other changes have also been announced for Pokémon Go:

Professor Willow has conducted research and made some major discoveries! Trainers may notice fewer Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat, and an increased variety of other Pokémon. It was also discovered that Pidgey and Rattata no longer hatch from Eggs and Eevee now hatches from 5 km Eggs only.

I haven't, in point of fact, noticed few Pidgey, Rattata, or Zubat. I'm still swimming in them where I live. I have noticed a tiny bit more variety, but not much really. Maybe an extra Jiggly Puff or Magnemite now and then.

Hatching Pidgey and Rattata were useful for leveling but not much else. Curious Zubat has been left in, though. Moving Eevee to a 5 km egg also makes sense, but we'll have to see how the odds stack up for other eggs now.

I've still never so much as seen a Lapras to hatch or catch...

What do you think of the changes?

Rene Ritchie

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