Pokémon Go is now officially available in the UK!

Pokémon Go has taken the U.S. and other select markets where it's available by storm, but now the popular title is finally available in the UK. There's no longer a requirement to alter your location settings or mess around with your Apple ID. Simply head to the App Store, view the Pokémon Go listing and hit that download button.

As has been the case in a number of reports, we urge you fellow British citizens to remain calm and throw some balls, but always be aware of your surroundings. And please, don't Pokémon and drive. You can grab Pokémon Go from the App Store using the link below. Sound out in the comments if you're already out and about this morning!

  • Oh yeah.
  • So can I redownload this and continue my game or do I have to start fresh??? (Had the US store copy first)
  • I did too.
    Delete it from your iphone, and download from uk store.
    login with the same credentials as you had before and your collection is intact.
  • It'll be saved to your log in so you can delete and reinstall from the UK. You don't really need to though as it shows up its installed - I did anyway. Sent from the iMore App
  • getting it from the uk store seems to be a bit more stable for me (maybe some minor setting, hitting uk servers maybe), and of course IAP will work too rather than having to buy through your US Account.
  • Stalls at setting up Character for me for some reason. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's available is Spain now too.