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Pokemon Legends Arceus Unown
Pokemon Legends Arceus Unown (Image credit: iMore)

As you make your way around Ancient Sinnoh in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you'll find special Pokémon called Unown hiding in various locations. There are 28 Unown total, one for each letter in the English Alphabet along, with two that represent an exclamation point and a question mark. We've detailed where you can find them all in addition to the reward you unlock by collecting them.

How to read Unown clues

Pokemon Legends Arceus Unown Dex (Image credit: iMore)

To access your Unown Research Notes in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you simply press down on the D-Pad and then press the Y button when the Pokédex cover displays on your screen. Here, you'll see slots for each of the 28 Unown and if you hover over one, you'll be given a clue as to where it is at the bottom of the screen.

While it might look like another language, the Unown actually mimic English, with each Unown shape representing one of the 26 characters in the English alphabet, followed by two characters that symbolize an exclamation mark and a question mark. So, for instance, the clue given above reads, "Among flowers at the spring where fairies dwell." This tells us that we're looking for flowers that grow near a river, likely where Clefairy spawns.

Reward for finding all Unown

Pokémon games are great at rewarding you for completing sidequests, and the same goes with Legends: Arceus' Unown hunting. Once you've captured all 28 Unown, return to the Crimson Mirelands and enter the Solaceon Ruins. Here you'll find Unown spawning all over the place. While the Unown hiding around the world were shiny locked, the ones that spawn here have the potential to be shiny Pokémon. So pull out your Poké Balls and see if you can catch a special, colored one.

All 28 Unown Locations

Pokemon Legends Arceus W Unown (Image credit: iMore)

It's worth noting that all of the hidden Unown are shiny locked, so you won't find any blue-hued Unown hiding out in the wild.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Unown characterLocation
ACrimson Mirelands: Travel to the Diamond Settlement and you'll find this one clinging to the top backside of one of the tents.
BCobalt Coastlands: Head over to Firespit Island. When you get near the Alpha Ninetails, look up to see it clinging to the volcano.
CCoronet Highlands: Make your way to the Shrouded Ruins east of the Sacred Plaza. Now, climb on top of one of the stone pillars to find it sitting there.
DCrimson Mirelands: Head up the northwest side of the river until you find an abandoned campsite. It will be sitting on a stump.
EObsidian Fieldlands: Travel to Grueling Grove in the far northeast corner of the map. There's a tree on an island with this Unown clinging to its trunk.
FCoronet Highlands: Make your way to the Ancient Quarry. Then, scale some scraggly rocks to find it affixed near the top.
GObsidian Fieldlands: Go on top of Obsidian Falls and look where the water is coming from. You'll see this Unown clinging to the rock.
HJubilife Village: This one will be hanging on the sign at the entrance to the village when coming from Prelude Beach.
IObsidian Fieldlands: On the island in the middle of Lake Verity, you'll see it on the grass behind the cave.
JCoronet Highlands: Yet another is hiding in the Ancient Quarry. This time, you'll find it high up on the wall within the tunnel.
KCrimson Mirelands: You'll find Unown K in the Shrouded Ruins clinging to the top of a stack of rocks.
LCoronet Highlands: Run into the Wayward Caves and look up the cave walls to find it.
MCrimson Mirelands: Head to the south end of the Sludge Mound where you first fought Ursaluna, and you'll see it on top of a hollow log.
NCobalt Coastlands: Make your way to the end of Sand's Reach where the two pointed stones are coming out of the water. You'll see Unown N clinging to the rock a decent way up on the southernmost point.
OAlabaster Icelands: Drop down into the underground cave near on the east side of Avalanche Slopes and make your way through the cavern. You'll see O Unown near the furthest ice pillar near where the Alpha Frosslass spawns.
PCoronet Highlands: Head southwest to Fabled Spring and you'll find it in the middle of a purple flower patch.
QCobalt Coastlands: Just in front of the Turnback Cave, there's a tree with Unown Q hanging from its branches.
RCobalt Coastlands: Travel up to the Lunker's Lair cliff and look behind the tombstone. You'll see it just off the grass as the cliff starts in earnest.
SObsidian Fieldlands: Inspect the Alpha Bibarel's dam at Tidewater Dam to find this one.
TAlabaster Icelands: Run over to Avalugg's Legacy and head to the ice block to the east of the largest ice block. The T Unown is sitting on top.
UAlabaster Icelands: Make your way to Heart's Crag where the waterfall is coming out. You'll see it on the backside of the rock.
VCrimson Mirelands: Trudge down to the Scarlet Bog, and you'll see it hanging from a dead tree rising out of the mud.
WJubilife Village: Go inside the Galaxy Guildhall and head all the way up the stairs to Commander Komado's office. Exit the doors and run along the roof to the west. You'll see it hanging on to the Magikarp statue's eye.
XObsidian Fieldlands: The X Unown is hanging from the lowest branch of the large tree where you fought noble Pokémon Kleavor.
YAlabaster Icelands: Check out the massive frozen waterfall at Icebound Falls and you'll see Unown Y chilling there.
ZCobalt Coastlands: Inspect near the top of the mast of the upright ship in Deadwood Haunt.
!Alabaster Icelands: Go to Snowfall Hot Springs and look high in the dead trees behind the berry tree for it.
?Jubilife Village: The final Unown is hanging onto the roof in the back of your house next to some clothes.

Simple as ABC

Once you've captured all 28 Unown hiding out in the wild, make sure to return to the Solaceon Ruins and try your hand at catching a shiny Unown. Who knows, you might get lucky and be able to show off your latest catches.

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  • ! Unown is not southeast in the valley. If your looking at the hot spring it's in the dead tree directly behind it and a little to the left