Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass: How to complete Mustard's trials and have a Pokémon follow you

Pokemon Sword Shield Overworld Pokemon
Pokemon Sword Shield Overworld Pokemon (Image credit: iMore)

Shortly after reaching the Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield's Expansion Pass, you'll be directed towards a dojo. Upon entering it, you'll meet the dojo master, an old man named Mustard, and he'll invite you to join the rest of his students as they participate in his three trials. You'll definitely want to complete these challenges as you'll get various rewards and items for doing so, including the ability to have a Pokémon follow you around in the overworld. Here are tips for completing Mustard's trials along with an explanation of the rewards you receive for doing so.

How to complete Mustard's three trials

Pokemon Sword Shield Mustard

Pokemon Sword Shield Mustard (Image credit: iMore)

There are three trials in store for players entering the Isle of Armor dojo. If you complete these tasks, you'll receive Kubfu and will be able to have the first Pokémon in your party follow you around in the overworld.

Trial 1: Catching the fast Slowpokes

Mustard wants you to catch three fast Slowpokes that have managed to run off with your rival's uniform. To catch them, take a right upon exiting the dojo and enter the Soothing Wetlands. The three fast Slowpokes will be in this area, so don't leave the Soothing Wetlands. They're easy to spot since each of the three creates a large dust cloud.

Jump on your bike and zoom after each of them to catch up with their fast little legs. Galarian Slowpokes are pure Psychic types, so if you want to end these battles quickly, use Steel, Psychic, or Dark moves against them.

After catching and three fast Slowpokes, return to the dojo. Mustard's wife, Honey, will now let you choose between a special Squirtle or a special Bulbasaur, which will be able to G-Max once it reaches its final evolution. Choose carefully as you can only get one.

Trial 2: Mushroom Picking

Pokemon Sword Shield Expansion Pass Max Mushrooms

Pokemon Sword Shield Expansion Pass Max Mushrooms (Image credit: iMore)

After issuing the Mushroom Picking trial, Mustard lets you know that the best place to locate Max Mushrooms is in the Warm-Up Tunnel just ouside the Forest of Focus. He'll take you to the forest. Now just wind your way through the trees and across two bridges and you'll come out into an open area. There's a cave in the distance directly in front of you. To reach it, go down the hill on your left and then head towards the cave. Simply go straight into the cave and you'll come across a grouping of three Max Mushrooms.

As you press the button to collect them, your rival will appear beside you and demand that you give them the mushrooms. Defeat them in battle to claim the mushrooms as yours.

Now it's time to head back to the dojo. Go back the way you came and exit the cave. Now wind your way back through the Forest of Focus. Once you've gotten through the forest, you just need to make it across the Soothing Wetlands where you caught the three fast Slowpokes and then you'll be back at the dojo.

When you get back, Mustard will teach you about Max Soup and how you can use it to make certain Pokémon learn how to Gigantamax. You'll then be able to keep the three Max Mushrooms you've collected.

Trial 3: Battle Court

Pokemon Sword Shield Expansion Pass Master Trial

Pokemon Sword Shield Expansion Pass Master Trial (Image credit: iMore)

After the cutscene ends, run to the far right room in the dojo and you'll find Mustard and either Avery or Klara (depending on which version of the game you're playing). Initiate a conversation and you'll learn that the last trial is a Pokémon Battle between you and your new rival. Your rival will run out the door of the dojo. Follow them out and you'll discover a Battle Court. Talk to your rival to begin the battle.

If you're playing Sword, you'll encounter Klara, who has laced the battlefield with poison spikes, causing your Pokémon to become Poisoned. If you're playing Shield, Avery will have made it a weird battlefield, which boosts Psychic-Type attacks.

Here are the Pokémon they'll be fighting with. If you need help figuring out what Pokémon you should use, check out our guide on strenghts and weaknesses.


  • Scorupi (Lv 65)
  • Galarian Weezing (Lv 66)
  • Whirlipede (Lv 66)
  • G-Max Galarian Slowbro (Lv 67)


  • Galarian Ponyta (Lv 65)
  • Kadabra (Lv 66)
  • Swoobat (Lv 66)
  • G-Max Galarian Slowbro (Lv 67)

Rewards for completing the trials

After beating your rival, you'll receive Kubfu, the secret armor of the Master Dojo. Additionally, Mustard will make it so that the first Pokémon in your party now follows you around in the overworld. Have fun running around the Isle of Armor with your favorite Pokémon trailing behind you. We're sure your friendship will also grow with Kubfu as you continue to train him and spend time with him.

Good luck on the Isle of Armor. May you become the very best trainer of them all!

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