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Yes, Pokémon Unite offers several free gifts just like other Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch. The catch is that you'll need to claim them before they expire, or they'll be gone for good. This especially applies to any free Pokémon Licenses or event rewards. To help keep a handle on things, we've listed all of the current gifts you can redeem along with the ones that have expired already.

Pokémon Unite: Free gifts you can claim now

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There are all of the gifts you can currently claim in Pokémon Unite. Get them before time runs out.

14-Day Welcome Gifts

Simply log in and select the Events tab on the main menu to claim your 14-Day Welcome Gifts.

Path: Main Menu → Events → 14-Day Welcome Gifts → Claim

Image Day Gift
Aeos Coins Square Day 1 680 Aeos Coins
Alolan Ninetales Square Day 2 Alolan Ninetales License
Beach Style Venasaur Day 3 Beach Style: Venusaur
Aeos Tickets Square Day 4 600 Aeos Tickets
Sporty Set Headwear Day 5 Sporty Set: Headwear
Sporty Set Innerwear Day 6 Sporty Set: Innerwear
Aeos Coins Square Day 7 880 Aeos Coins
Cinderace Square Day 8 Cinderace License
Aeos Tickets Square Day 9 700 Aeos Tickets
Sporty Set Bottoms Day 10 Sporty Set: Bottoms
Aeos Tickets Square Day 11 700 Aoes Tickets
Sporty Set Shoes Day 12 Sporty Set: Shoes
Aeos Tickets Square Day 13 800 Aoes Tickets
Greninja Square Day 14 Greninja License

Pokémon Unite Gifts that are no longer available

Commemorative Release Gifts

To celebrate the game's launch at release day, seven days, fourteen days, and thirty days, players were given Aeos tickets and item enhancers, claimed through the events menu.

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Pokemon Unite Zeraora PurpleSource: iMore

Until August 31, Zeraora could be automatically added to players' teams as an early launch bonus. While it is now too late to claim him as a launch bonus, players can still earn his Unite license through special missions The Pokémon Company's site says will be added at a later date.

Grab them while you can

The Pokémon Company has always done special events for its games that allow players to acquire free goodies. You just have to make sure you actually claim these gifts, or you'll miss out.