Augment your reality with Poynt and win a shopping trip to New York!

Poynt wants TiPb readers to help them celebrate the launch of their new iPhone app [iTunes link] -- and help them name their Augmented Reality feature. If your name is chosen for the feature, you'll win a trip for two to New York, NY valued at US$5,000 and US$2,500 spending money.

To enter, think of the very best name you can and go post it on the official thread in the TiPb Forums.

Details after the break!

Help celebrate the launch of Poynt for the iPhone! Poynt wants you to help name our Augmented Reality feature. Brainstorm it or think of it in the shower – whatever works best. It’s your chance to potentially name the biggest thing since the wheel -- okay maybe not that big, but we think it’s pretty awesome!

Get your idea together and submit it to The iPhone Blog ( before April 6, 2010, or such later date as Multiplied Media Corporation (the "Sponsor") may decide in its sole discretion, in accordance with the terms and conditions provided herein. Tell us what you’d name our Augmented Reality feature. Five finalists will have their suggestions chosen for the Poynt team to vote on and the "best name" will be chosen as the winner of the grand prize described below – it's basically if we love it, you win!

If your suggestion is chosen as the "best name," you win a trip for two to New York, NY valued at US$5,000 and US$2,500 spending money! Air, hotel and spending money to do with what you like for three fabulous nights in NYC. Or, if you are one of the four runners up, you will win a Poynt prize pack filled with lots of cool Poynt stuff -- like t-shirts, pins and more!

Read the full terms and conditions of the Contest (the "Official Rules").

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