Apple's AirPods and AirPods Pro have become a beloved product for many because of the great functionality they add to your iPhone, but they can be pricey. With the rumored AirPods Studio on the way and Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, we expect to see Prime Day AirPods deals that drop prices for the AirPods and AirPods Pro alike.

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The AirPods and the AirPods Pro have most of the same functionality, and how the headphones work with your other Apple devices will remain the same between models. Both feature Hey, Siri activation, and the H1 chip enables seamless pairing between devices. Plus, both versions can use Audio Sharing — so you can share your audio between multiple pairs of AirPods —and Announce Messages features, which will automatically read messages for you as you receive them.

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The big difference with the AirPods Pro comes with noise cancellation. Noise cancellation is a fantastic feature to have in any pair of headphones that you use while commuting or if you're often in crowded and noisy spaces. Active noise cancellation allows the headphones to drown out a lot of background noise from the world around you, making it easier to hear and focus on what you're listening to. Plus, the AirPods Pro have a customizable fit because it comes with a few different sizes of ear tips, so you can make sure they are nice and snug in your ears.

Whether you want the AirPods Pro because they are designed to be water-resistant (IPX4 certified), or you want the basic AirPods to go with your Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone, you have plenty of options to buy AirPods right now.

Best Prime Day AirPods Deals

We know that Prime Day is still a few weeks away, but that doesn't mean you can't take a look at what deals are out there right now for AirPods and Airpods Pro. While the usual retail price for AirPods is $159, without the wireless charging case, and the AirPods Pro will typically cost you $249. You're able to find them cheaper if you know where to look; here are the best Prime Day AirPods deals.

Apple AirPods 2

AirPods with wired charging case | $115 at Amazon

You can get the H1-chip and in all its glory and save yourself $30 in the process if you order from Amazon. Free shipping is also available, and you can easily add AppleCare+ to your AirPods at the checkout.

$115 at Amazon
Apple AirPods 2

AirPods with wireless charging case | $150 at Amazon

If you want the wireless charging case for your AirPods, you usually have to pay about $200, but Amazon has the wireless charging case AirPods for $39 less. We could see it ever cheaper with Prime Day AirPods deals in the future.

$150 at Amazon
Apple Airpods Pro

AirPods Pro | $199 at Amazon

Amazon has Apple's AirPods Pro on sale for $30 off; while this isn't the lowest price we have seen on Amazon, it's an excellent price for finally snagging yourself a pair of AirPods Pro.

$199 at Amazon
Apple AirPods 2

AirPods with wired charging case | $115 at Walmart

Walmart is getting in on the action, too, by discounting the AirPods $30. Walmart offers free 2-day delivery, and you can add AppleCare+ or the Walmart protection plan right at the checkout.

$115 at Walmart
Apple AirPods 2

AirPods with wireless charging case | $159 at Walmart

To get the wireless charging case with the AirPods at Walmart will save you $30 at the checkout. It's the perfect time to pick up your first pair of AirPods if you've been waiting to save a little money on your purchase.

$159 at Walmart
Wireless charging

AirPods wireless charging case (case only) | $69 at Walmart

If you already have a pair of AirPods — either first-generation or the current generation — but you don't have the wireless charging case, you can buy just the case for $10 off through Walmart. Start taking advantage of wireless charging for your AirPods with this deal.

$69 at Walmart
Airpods Pro Applecare

AirPods Pro w/ AppleCare+ | $249 at B&H

Essentially, B&H is offering you the AppleCare+ extended warranty and damage coverage at no extra cost. So while the $249 price tag may seem the same as regular-priced AirPods Pro, you are saving about $30.

$249 at B&H

AirPods pair amazingly well with Apple Watch

So now that you've got yourself a pair of AirPods, its time to start getting the most out of them. You don't just have to use the AirPods with your iPhone; they make a fantastic Apple Watch companion as well. If you're looking to take the plunge into the world of Apple Watch, make sure to check out our guide to the best Apple Watch deals, so you can get the best deal.

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