PSA: Google Drive down for large portion of users

Both iMore and Mobile Nations live on Google services, and we've been having problems all day. Specifically, it feels like Google Drive has been stuck at 1mph all day. Google has acknowledged that Google Drive is experiencing issues this morning.

A “significant subset of users is said to be having issues connecting to the service via the web. The iOS apps appear to be working fine despite the issue. Google has said that they are addressing the problem, and they will update users soon. As of yet, there are no details on when a fix for the issue can be expected.

And no, we're not going to give Google a hard time over this, at least not year. Every service goes down. Every. Service. iCloud has had more than it's fair share of hiccups over the last year as well.

What we will do is offer to get out and push, if that helps, and ask you -- how's Google working for you today? Any problems with Drive? With Google+? With anything else?

Source: Google