Pushbullet combines messaging and file sharing in latest massive update

Pushbullet has received its biggest update yet, which brings messaging to its file sharing platform. In addition to overhauling the design, the Pushbullet team has made a number of other improvements to the app on all platforms, adding even more functionality than it had previously.

For the mobile apps, Pushbullet now organizes things in a much cleaner fashion. Instead of a long, unorganized list of files and messages, they are now categorized by where they came from, whether it be Friends, Me, or Following. Tapping on a contact will pull up a thread of the messages and files that have been shared back and forth.

On the desktop, Pushbullet now lets you see your history and make sharing links in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Additionally, you can pop out individual chat windows, like a standalone messaging client. The Pushbullet.com website has also received the same UI improvements, making it easier to navigate, and more responsive. You can now drag and drop as many files as you wish to send, instead of the single file limit that was previously in place, and Android users can send text messages without needing to use the browser extension or desktop app.

Source: Pushbullet

Jared DiPane

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