UPDATE: Chad here giving Amazon Mobile for iPhone a try!

I am very excited for Amazon's new native app on the App Store [iTunes Link] for a couple of reasons. Mainly, I like to shop on Amazon, so this offers a convenient tool. Second, it is a really neat experimental feature called "Amazon Remembers", more on this later...

The app gives you what you would expect in an iPhone app these days: a home screen, search, cart, remembers and more. Let's discuss each of these briefly.

Home: This is your start page in the app. It displays items from your wish list and search

Search: You um, search for products here

Cart: View any items you have in your cart; items display from the web or the app

Remembers: This is really cool. Basically you take a photo of something you are looking for, and Amazon will find a match. Amazon has real people looking at this stuff, so it can take a day or two to get a result.

More: This is where everything else is placed. Wish lists, account information tracking packages, etc.

I am very impressed with the app. Amazon could have just made a native app that mimicked their web app, but instead they are trying new things (Amazon Remembers) and giving us access to useful tools (Tracking Packages). I have captured several photos, enjoy them below!

Amazon sent me an email telling me they found a matching product for the picture of the Sharpie marker that I took (see screen hot below). Very cool! I can then buy that item directly from the iPhone! Sweet!

Gallery and Rene's original post after the break!

Sure, Android may have the Amazon MP3 store, but now the iPhone has everything else! Amazon Mobile for iPhone lets you shop quickly (1-Click) and securely (SSL). Will it be as good an experience as the WebApp optimized website version? We'll see -- we still prefer the Facebook WebApp to the native App, but Google's latest native App is killer. So far, it offers all the usual Amazon goodness, plus a new feature called Amazon Remembers, which lets you snaps photos of things (they use a folding chair in the example) you like, which it then keeps in the App and sends to Amazon, and shows you alongside anything Amazon thinks is similar in their catalog. Seems to be US only at the moment (at least it's not in the Canadian App store yet, anyone else get it internationally?), but if you grab it, please let me know how it works (and if it stimulates you to spend a little for the economy, 'natch!)

(Thanks Miguel for the tip!)


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