Quick App: Night of the Living Dead (N.O.T.L.D.)

We are very aware that this application may not be for all of our readers, but for those of you who are horror movie fanatics, N.O.T.L.D. [iTunes Link - $.99] is an app for you. Never again will you have to leave your home without your very own copy of George Romero's 1968 'zombie' classic, Night of the Living Dead.

This app includes the original and alternate movie posters, a streaming version of the movie which is broken down in chapters (streams perfectly fine on AT&T's 3G data network), and an wiki page detailing anything you'd like to know about this classic films history.

If you have never watched a horror classic such as this and you enjoy good horror flicks, I highly recommend checking this film out and why not view it directly on your iPhone?!

IM Staff

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