Rock and sock some robots in Ironkill

The movie Reel Steel might have been fairly forgettable, but the two mobile games based on it have enjoyed a fair little following. The team leads from the mobile Reel Steel and Total Recall titles have left Reliance Entertainment in order to form their own studio, Play Motion. And Play Motion's first game sticks with what they know: robots punching other robots.

Ironkill has just launched on Android and iOS as a free to play title. Players can collect and upgrade a wide assortment of stylized robots, and then journey across a post-apocalyptic map to battle it out against other robot trainers. With solid graphics and simple controls, Ironkill promises plenty of fun robot-on-robot violence.

Ironkill robot boxing

In the world of Ironkill, the world has been devastated by war. Most of the surviving population lived in slums. Robot fights are the popular pastime of the apocalypse, and training a successful robot fighter is the player's best chance at achieving a better life.

To start with, you'll buy a large-and-in-charge robot called Sumoist. The next step is to take him to new locations on the map and earn money from the fights you win. As you level up and reap riches, you'll unlock new robots to buy and fill out your collection.

Ironkill robot boxing

The battle mechanics are easy to learn. You'll rely primarily on quick attack, heavy attack, and block buttons. String together your two attacks to deliver strong combos. When your special move meter fills up to the max, hit the special button to unleash it. Sumoist's special dizzies the enemy, giving you the chance to score some free hits.

IronKill is easy to play on phone or tablet, and seems to offer lots to do and collect. Check it out and see whether this robotic boxing game beats up the competition.

Paul Acevedo

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