Merry Christmas, tiny little media-un-savvy kids: rudolf just ran down granny!

Well, that's the story Gizmodo reports, anyway:

Yesterday's episode of Santa Live featured the song "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer." Apparently, children young enough to care about Santa are also young enough to have trouble understanding the jokey song about grand-matricide. Parents complained, and Majewski, already $12,000 in debt (that's a lot of bribed commenters!) was forced to pull the app. He remains the only one baffled by his lack of success with Santa Live.

Majewski, already controversial since the discovery he was paying for good reviews via Amazon's Mechanical Turk, is likely not having a great holiday season himself now, even absent joyous vehicular homicide carols.

Did the parents over react? Should Majewski better have known better? Or did some one just get a little revenge paying parents to complain via Mechanical Turk?