Using an indoor air quality monitor can tell you a lot about what you're breathing in all day. Using a smart monitor, like this HomeKit-enabled Air Quality Monitor from Koogeek, actually allows you to do something about it. It's down to $83.99 from its regular $110 right now when you use code FFDIKYUJ during checkout at Amazon, taking it lower than we've ever seen before.

Breath of fresh air

Koogeek Air Quality Monitor

This sensor can accurately assess temperature, humidity, and multiple measures of air quality including light, noise, and dust in seconds. It has dropped to its best-ever price for Black Friday having sold for $110 up until this month.

$69.99 $109.99 $40 off

This well-reviewed monitor will fit right into your smart home setup if you're using Apple's Home app and Siri to control your tech. It can tell you tons of information about the inside of your home from temperature and humidity to dust levels, noise, light, and more. Being HomeKit-friendly, you can not only access all of that information on the device's screen and your iPhone, but you can also have automations occur based on what the monitor is telling you. If the temperature rises, have your HomeKit ceiling fan turn on until it drops back down. If there's tons of natural light coming in, why not turn off your smart lights? If the humidity is a bit high, have your smart plug turn on your dehumidifier. The possibilities are endless and you can have all of this occur automatically based on the monitor's readings.

The Koogeek Air Quality Monitor works connected to the wall or on its internal battery, so you can even take it with you if you want to check the air quality of somewhere you're staying for a while. There's a built-in, motion-activated nightlight plus you can set the light to change color based on the monitor's findings so you can tell the current air quality at a glance.

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