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Senator John McCain praises Apple's new auto-updating apps feature in iOS 7

One person for sure who will be delighted by one of iOS 7's new features is one Senator John McCain. Famously, during the Senate hearing attended by Tim Cook, McCain asked why he has to update things all the time. Fast forward to WWDC, and what should Apple announce as part of iOS 7? Auto-updating apps. So, taking to Twitter, the Senator has congratulated Apple on a job well done:

"Thanks to Tim Cook for the automatic iphone app updates! #apple #wwdc"

Not sure what he thinks of the rest of it, but at least that's one happy user Apple can add to the scorecard!

Source: Twitter

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  • Now if someone can just help Senator McCain with the flashing 12:00 on his VCR.
  • He's waiting for it to start setting the time automatically.
  • Let's not forget to thank that son of a bitch for hopping onboard Prism before Steve's body got cold, too.
  • If that was such an important life changing feature to him, why didn't he switch to Android? They've had that feature for an eternity....
  • !!! Pathetic !!!.... iOS 7 is a blatant copy of Windows Phones design.. iOS is now the generic version of WP. Apple has severely disappointed with this total lack of innovation, and its just sad that they would call the design of iOS 7 their own.. Anyone who disagrees with the fact that Apple made a sad, incompetent, untalented, decision to steal Windows Phone design is in serious denial.. Tell me one thing.. how can i fans stand the fact that their devices are going to be nothing but WP knockoffs now?.. How can you claim this as your own? Are you really going to use this? Pathetic!!!!11937&app=Pow...
  • I want the choice to update when I choose. I assume it will have an option for updating via wifi only for auto updates.....
  • That's all fine and good until a data-wiping bug comes along for some app release. Let's hope iCloud can address individual apps and revisioning by then (one might think they would have mentioned that in the Keynote). Given this has happened to me a couple of times over the last couple of years, I'm not sure I'm looking forward to this feature.
  • Funny Android could do this for years
  • Hilarious.
  • I'm not sure I even like the auto update feature. I like being able to read thru the description of what has changed and make a decision on whether to install or not. There have been a few times where the developer doesn't realize there is a critical bug until its been released. Then the developer puts a not to *not update*. Auto update would just auto kill everyone's installation of that app. At least it's a possibility.
  • John McCain:
    Elected President in 2000? Nope. Lost to an idiot.
    Elected President in 2008? Nope. Lost to a black guy, which up until that point, was an unthinkable concept. Was America ready for a black president? Absolutely. Was America ready for McCain as president? Again, nope. ...oh, but he bitched about having to update his apps, and Tim Cook rolled his eyes because auto-updating apps was already long in the works. Way to go, John! You're a footnote in history.
  • Thanks John McCain, Now when my apps get update automatically and gets replace with one that I don't like the changes to or makes the app worst, how will I get to keep the old version without it updating on it own. Perfect Example: is Scrabble app; bought the app because it was like the original board game and than they made all these bad changes to the app which made the game just bad and not fun to play. So I loaded my old version that I saved and ignore their updates for this app. There are many apps like this and the user should have the right to update that app or not.
  • He also approves of the new osx name
  • I hope Apple includes a toggle to switch this new feature off - my broadband service at home is very slow, and I don't want my devices to update their apps while I'm trying to stream a movie, for example. I'm also wondering how we're going to know when an app has been updated, and what the new features are.
  • I assume that there would be a toggle. It starts getting worrisome if there is non toggle for it.