HTC Dream Running Google Android - iClone!

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the first ever live demo of Google's new Android platform... and it's on the iPhone!

[Er... That's the HTC Dream.]

What? Sigh. Okay.

Maybe it's me. Maybe it's a proof of concept. Maybe it's because of the Diamond. Maybe it's just a hormone thing. But does all the innovation have to lead back to Cupertino these days? Does it?

So, another week, another iClone, and more specifically another HTC iClone. (At least they're giving RIM a run for their Bold, Thunder, Storm money for the official iClone volume title...)

Still, it's nice to see Android. As I mentioned in the Top 5 Things the iPhone Could Learn From the Competition, the cloud looks to be the future, and Google currently owns the cloud. Never mind their CEO is on Apple's board of directors (he reportedly recuses himself from iPhone discussions to avoid a conflict of interest), the industry needs the drive Google can provide, even if they wrap it up in a horribly derivative package for now.

Check out the video after after the break!

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