Shazam restores Spotify sharing, adds listening mode for Beats Music

After removing the ability to listen to tagged songs on Spotify in the UK, Germany, Mexico and Brazil earlier this year, Shazam has restored the feature in the latest update for Android and iOS.

The removal of Spotify integration from the free version of the client was on account of a deal with Deezer. At the time, Shazam only mentioned that it was "trialling different streaming partners to see which are used by more of our users," but to the service's credit it did state that Spotify integration could be re-enabled at a later date.

Along with adding Spotify back to the list of streaming services, Shazam is also testing out a "Listen Now" feature with Beats Music on its iOS client. The feature, which allows you to tag a song within Shazam and instantly listen to the full track on Beats Music, requires you to have a subscription or a 14-day trial to Beats Music.

Shazam users, are you excited about the reenlistment of Spotify? What do you think of the new Beats Music integration?

Via: 9to5Mac

Harish Jonnalagadda

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