Should you buy Nintendo Switch games on Prime Day?

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite with Pokemon Sword and Shield
Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite with Pokemon Sword and Shield (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

Should you buy Nintendo Switch games on Prime Day?

You can catch a lot of good Prime Day deals on gaming gear, especially the games themselves. While the Nintendo Switch doesn't usualy go on sale on its own, there are often special bundles that include the gaming system and a popular game at a discounted price. Games are almost certainly going to be on sale on their own as well. Prime Day is the perfect time to pick up some games for a great price!From $15 at Amazon

Although it's later than last year, Prime Day is finally happening. This year, among all the countless deals on everything from snacks to beauty to cameras, you'll find Prime Day Nintendo Switch game deals. If you're lucky, you may snag one of the few bundles that include a Nintendo Switch as well, but if you already have the console, Prime Day is the perfect time to pick up new Nintendo Switch games.

Some of the best Nintendo Switch game deals happen during Prime Day

Last year during Prime Day, Amazon offered unparalleled savings on Nintendo Switch games and accessories. Discounts on games started at 10% moving all the way up to 50%, and bundled with accessories or the console itself, customers were able to save even more. This year has seen the Nintendo Switch's popularity skyrocket, with most retailers selling out of the standard console and even the Nintendo Switch Lite for several months at a time.

So long as you have the console already, you can expect to see huge savings on everything you could want to go with it, and if you're especially lucky, you might be one of the few to snag a bundle including the console. Like so many other Prime Day deals, these are bound to sell out fast, so order quickly. Do not hold out hope for a better deal this year.

Look out for Nintendo Switch bundles

In addition to some incredible savings on Nintendo Switch accessories. These accessories might be bundled together with the console itself, with games, or sold separately, but bundles are almost always the way to save the most when it comes to the Nintendo Switch.

Black Friday prices may not be better than Prime Day

After all the craziness this year, Black Friday is only a few weeks away instead of months. While Black Friday could bring some pretty amazing deals, it's unlikely that they will match Prime Day, much less be significantly better. Also, even when there aren't huge sales, stock has been a big concern all year, so even if there is a comparable or better deal on Black Friday, there will be even fewer games and accessories available. Right now is the best time to purchase

Make sure to check out all of the great Prime Day deals we've found, and happy shopping!

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