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Siri just became the best Pokedex around, a perfect companion to Pokemon X and Y!

Pokemon X and Y is here, and if you have an iPhone or iPad, Siri might just have become the greatest Pokedex you could ever ask for. Thanks to Wolfram Alpha adding details of a staggering 649 Pokemon to its database, each and every one of them is at your fingertips with Siri, as TUAW describes:

  • Activate Siri
  • Ask "Search Wolfram for [insert pokémon name here]"
  • Watch as Siri provides you with a ton of information, including its history, physical characteristics, stats, and even full-color images

It's even sleeker than that red fold-up piece of gadgetry from the show, and is a great companion to players of the latest two games in the long running series. So, Pokemasters, how does this grab you? Gotta catch 'em all!

Source: TUAW

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  • Woo! Now they just need to add the X & Y info.
  • Wow, if this spreads, Siri servers are going to get overloaded.
  • Impossible because according to iMore, nobody plays Nintendo games anymore (just ignore the piles of money they are making right now).
  • Unfortunately, this probably won't be all that useful. Siri won't recognize most of the Pokemon names, and even when she does, the entry is missing important information.
  • Exactly. This is a good start, but like Siri itself, it's half-baked. There are no entries from the three Kalos Pokédexes, no learnsets, etc., etc.
  • But does it have the X/Y pokemon...that's the kicker.
  • Yeah one search for Mewtwo Ex. Ehhhhhhhh.
  • No, this terrible Siri search system doesn't even have squirtle.
    The pokédex from the anime show is way better. Just
    Use the pokémon website. Better.
  • That's awesome! Dexter, move out of the way for Siri!