Zelda Skyward Sword Hd Link And GhirahimSource: Nintendo (screenshot)

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword originally released on the Wii in 2011 but now it will be joining the best Nintendo Switch games. It's perhaps best known for it's motion control fighting and its quirky cast of characters, including the fabulously creepy Ghirahim that took the internet by strom back in the day. Thankfully, the upcoming Nintendo Switch version lets you choose whether you play by swinging your Joy-Cons around or by simply using button controls.

This news comes out just in time for Zelda's 35th Anniversary. I know I can't wait to get my hands on this Switch version. Excited to learn more? Here's everything you need to know about Skyward Sword HD.

Skyward Sword HD Plot

Skyward Sword Hd SkyloftSource: Nintendo

Skyward Sword takes place at the very beginning of the Zelda timeline. Link and Zelda are friends who live on the floating island of Skyloft and attend the Knight Academy. However, below on the world's surface Lord Ghirahim seeks to reawaken an ancient evil by breaking the goddess Hylia's seal. In order to do that, he's out to kidnap Zelda. It's up to Link to rescue his friend and prevent the world from destruction.

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Skyward Sword HD Button controls vs motion controls

Skyward Sword Hd Motion ControlsSource: Nintendo (screenshot)

In the original Wii version of Skyward Sword, players had to swing their Wiimotes around in order to make Link attack. Thing is, in the Wii version the controls were often messy. I don't know how may times my Wiimote disconnected or had to be reset while in the middle of a battle.

Thankfully, Nintendo states that these motion controls are smoother and more intuitive on the Switch thanks to the newer console's capabilities. Players will hold independent Joy-Cons in either hand. Swinging the right Joy-Con swing's Link's Sword, while using the left Joy-Con allows him to block with a shield.

Button Controls

Skyward Sword Hd Button Only ControlsSource: Nintendo (screenshot)

I know that motion controls are the bane of many gamers' existance. Which is why you'll be happy to know that Skyward Sword HD also includes the option of playing with button-only controls. That's right — you don't have to use motion controls if you don't want to.

So how does this work, anyways? Tilting the right joystick will determine what angle Link swings his sword.

Can you play Skyward Sword HD on Nintendo Switch Lite?

Skyward Sword Hd On Switch LiteSource: Nintendo (screenshot)

Yes, as I mentioned previously, Skyward Sword HD includes button-only controls which will allow Switch Lite owners to play without the need for motion controls or external Joy-Cons.

Skyward Sword HD Characters

There are plenty of colorful characters in Skyward Sword HD. Going through all of them would be a humungous task, but here are the main characters that you should know about.

Name Description
Skyward Link Link: In Skyward Sword, Link is a student at the Knight Academy on the floating island of Skyloft.
Zelda Art Medium Zelda: The daughter of the Knight Academy's headmaster and Link's best friend.
Ss Fi Artwork Fi: An intelligent spirit created by the Goddess to reside in a Sword.
Crimson Loftwing Crimson Loftwing: A rare-colored bird who serves as your Epona of the skies.
Ss Groose Groose: A bully at the Knight Academy who serves as Link's rival and has a crush on Zelda.
Old Woman Ss Impa: The wise woman who serves as a guardian for the goddess Hylia.
Ss Ghirahim Artwork Ghirahim: A dangerous and yet oh-so-fabulous villain who seeks to capture Zelda and use her to revive his evil master, Demise.

Skyward Sword HD amiibo

Skyward Sword AmiiboSource: iMore

The amazing amiibo figures weren't around when Skyward Sword originally released on Wii. However, several Zelda amiibo, including a specific Skyward Sword Link amiibo, have released since then.

Nintendo's website has made it clear that amiibo support has been added to Skyward Sword HD to take advantage of these characters. We don't know what they do yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they unlock helpful items when scanned. We'll update when we learn more.

Zelda Joy-Cons Skyward Sword Edition Joy-Cons

Hyrule Zelda Joy-ConSource: Nintendo

In addition to the game launching, players can also purchase Zelda-themed Joy-Cons in July. They will be available at the same time as Skyward Sword HD. We'll update when they become available for preorder.

Skyward Sword HD release date

Skyward Sword HD will release for Nintendo Switch on July 16, 2021. It's currently available for pre-order if you want to claim your copy now.

Skyward Sword HD

I personally can't wait to add Skyward Sword HD to my collection of Switch games. It's a colorful adventure filled with several quirky characters and unique controls. I'm especially curious to see how the button-only controls work.

Are you excited for this game? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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