Here at Mobile Nations, and likely for a lot of remote companies, Slack is one of our most frequently used applications. It's absolutely essential for staying in touch with coworkers throughout the day, and while it's great for the most part, few things are as irritating as opening up a message late at night only to have the bright, white background blind you.

Now, after lots of anxiously waiting, Slack is getting an official dark mode.

Dark mode is rolling out to Slack's Android and iOS apps as of March 11, 2019, and once you update the app, you can access it by going to Settings and enabling the new dark mode toggle.

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As of right now, dark mode can only be enabled manually with no option to have it automatically turn on/off at certain times of day. Also, while there's no dark mode for the Slack desktop app quite yet, Slack says that it's "working on it."

Download: Slack (free)

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