Abode iota gateway on a deskSource: Christopher Close / iMore

What you need to know

  • Abode makes some great smart home kit.
  • But its apps have been found lacking somewhat.
  • New beta programs have been launched for improved apps.

Smart home company abode has announced that it has new iPhone and Android apps in the works, fixing many of the issues that have been identified with the versions that are already available. You can sign up for the betas now.

When we reviewed the iota Security KIt we noted that the app was missing features and it just wasn't a great experience. Now, abode is working to fix that on both iPhone and Android.

Welcome to the brand new abode app. Now, you can control your abode systems, automations, and system settings from the palm of your hand. A faster, fresher experience built natively for iOS and Android so you can easily oversee your smart security from wherever you are.

The changes are fairly big and should make the experience of using abode's accessories much more enjoyable. Quick access to things like live feeds and frequently used automations is improved and new widgets make it easier than ever to see what's happening. Users will also be able to easily switch between multiple accounts on a single phone, too.

The apps are currently in beta, so it might be a little while before they're ready for prime time. If you're willing to deal with bugs and whatnot you can sign up for the betas now, with iPhone betas available via Testflight. If Android is your jam, head on over to the Play Store and do the thing.

If you do go the beta route, please do make sure to feed back any issues to abode. It means everyone else will get a better app in the long run.

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