Early Black Friday Apple deals: I'd only let these HomeKit doorbells guard my front door

HomeKit doorbells deals
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One of the most important parts of keeping your home safe is having a smart doorbell — having one with a built-in camera is even better. HomeKit doorbells are particularly useful because they connect up to your iPhone, and then give you a live feed of whatever is happening outside your front door. As soon as someone pushes the button, you know who they are and what they’re doing, and you get a better idea of whether they’re legit.

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They can also be useful when you’re not in the house. With two-way intercoms between your doorbell and your phone, you can talk with the person at the door when you’re at work, or at the shops. A postman, for example, can be told to leave a parcel by the back door, or with a neighbor. Even just being in a different part of the house can be annoying with a traditional doorbell, but with a HomeKit doorbell you can get a notification on your iPhone, or you can have a tone pumped out of your HomePod, wherever in the house it may be.

Now, with Black Friday well on the way, You’re going to be looking for a great deal on a HomeKit doorbell — well, we’ve tried loads, and we’ve put together all our favorites that are currently on sale. These are some of the best HomeKit doorbells around, so you know you’re getting something top quality.

HomeKit Doorbells deals

WeMo Smart Video Doorbell |$249$189 at Amazon

WeMo Smart Video Doorbell | $249 $189 at Amazon

This HomeKit doorbell hooks up effortlessly with HomeKit secure video, and gives you a live feed of everything that happens outside your front door. There’s facial recognition on board as well, so it can tell you who’s coming to the door. It’s a good-looking device too, and with $60 off, it’s a massive bargain. This sits at the second spot on our best-of list, so you know you’re getting a solid doorbell.

Aqara Video Doorbell G4 | $120$100 at Amazon

Aqara Video Doorbell G4 | $120 $100 at Amazon

This one is my personal doorbell, and I love it. It’s saved me from a missed parcel on countless occasions, and it looks pretty cool to boot. It’s also powered by either a wire or AA batteries in the back — no rechargeable batteries here, if you run out of juice then it’s a quick refill away. This $20 saving is a coupon that you have to click on in the product page, but then you’re off to the races with a solid saving on a great doorbell.

Google Nest Doorbell | $100$93 at Amazon

Google Nest Doorbell | $100 $93 at Amazon

This one will need a Starling hub to work with HomeKit, but then you can stream all the video from your front door that you could want. It’s small, unobtrusive, and, most importantly perhaps, very well-priced. If you’ve got a Google Home setup, then that’s even better — this will work seamlessly, with no need for an extra device.

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