Early Black Friday Apple deals: Three Homekit door locks I recommend for protecting your house

Black Friday door lock deals
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An Englishwoman's home, as they say, is her castle, and mine is no different. Mine is chock full of engineering samples, review hardware, and all my gadgets and belongings that I want to keep safe — that, and, you know, me. A Homekit door lock is, in my eyes, one of the best ways of keeping my stuff safe, my home locked up tight, helping me sleep a little safer at night.

See, they’re more than just a simple door lock with a key. They connect to the Apple Home app so that you can unlock them remotely, let people in without getting up from the sofa, and even change codes from the other side of the country in case you think your home could be at risk. In most cases they’re easy to fit to loads of different types of doors and simple to connect — although some might need a battery or two.

Now generally, they tend to be pretty costly devices, so you’ll want to find one of the best deals possible. Thankfully, the biggest sale of the year is on the way, with some massive savings on loads of different devices — including HomeKit door locks. Before the sale, however, we’ve found some of the best HomeKit door lock deals to enjoy now — let’s get started.

Security savings

Level Bolt Smart Lock | $199$140 at Amazon

Level Bolt Smart Lock | $199 $140 at Amazon

The Level Bolt is a super simple smart lock, designed to slip into the slot that used to be occupied by your old lock. That means no drilling anything out, no extra tools — just a screwdriver, and a little time. This $60 saving is a great deal on the lock and makes it a whole lot more affordable.

Aqara Smart Lock U100 | $229$189 at Amazon

Aqara Smart Lock U100 | $229 $189 at Amazon

This smart lock will require a little more work to get fitted, but it’s also got a keypad to help keep you that bit more secure. It also means you don’t have to have a key for other people to get into your house, like when you’ve got friends visiting — you need only give them the code. This $40 discount brings the lock to its lowest price.

August Home 4th Gen Smart Lock | $229$165 at Amazon

August Home 4th Gen Smart Lock | $229 $165 at Amazon

The August Home smart lock is a smaller number, and lets you unlock the door with a quick twist. It knows when your phone is nearby, and then unlocks the door — nice and simple. It’s usually a little more expensive, but this $55 discount marks the second lowest price of the lock, although Prime Day’s lowest price tells us that it might get even cheaper over Black Friday.

Where to find the best HomeKit Black Friday deals

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