Snapchat gives your finger a rest in latest update

Snapchatters, there are some big improvements coming to everyone's favorite ephemeral messaging app. Perhaps the biggest change hitting Snapchat is that users no longer have to hold their finger to the screen to view snaps — something people have been asking for for a while.

Also included in the update is the addition of two-factor authentication — making it that much harder for someone to take over your account — and a new "Add Nearby" option that lets you quickly add new friends that you're hanging out with. All you have to do to use the new feature is have everyone near you open the Add Nearby section, at which point each person will appear on the screen with the option to add them to your friends list.

Finally, Snapchat has upgraded Snapcodes, the personal QR codes that allow users to quickly add friends. You will now be able to add a selfie to the center of their Snapcode, making it easier for someone to confirm that it really is your code.

Source: Snapchat

Dan Thorp-Lancaster