Snapchat will fill the gap between your friends' stories with ads

Apple iPhone with Snapchat
Apple iPhone with Snapchat (Image credit: iMore)

As part of a new push to further monetize Snapchat, users will soon start seeing video ads in between their friends' stories. The move comes as Snapchat is releasing an advertising API, making it easier for marketers to buy ads on the platform through third parties.

Reports Adweek:

This spring, Snapchat implemented auto-advance stories, letting users swipe right to quickly catch up with their friends' stories. Going forward, Snapchatters will begin seeing video ads—the aforementioned Snap Ads Between Stories—in between their buddies' messages. Ten test partners are in tow, including Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Verizon, Procter & Gamble, Warner Bros. and Express. "We are spending a tremendous amount of time and investment with Snapchat," says Jim Hilt, CMO at Express.

As noted in the report, Snapchat is being careful not to alienate users with the new ads. According to Peter Sellis, Snapchat's head of monetization, the company is focused on taking a conservative approach so as not to overwhelm users, which would work against an ad's effectiveness.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster