Snapchat was one of the first photo and video sharing apps that specializes in self destructing photos after the recipient has opened them. While this led to raised eyebrows over the questionable nature of how the app was used, it didn't stop tons of folks from jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon. Just snap a photo or video, write on it or add text, add a self destructing timer, and send it on its way.

Nowadays Snapchat is more than just your average photo and video sharing app, but also supports private messaging as well. Simply add your friends and start sharing. One of the unique features of Snapchat that sets it apart from other private photo sharing services is the My Story option. If you ever take a photo that you'd like to share with all your Snapchat contacts, just add it to the My Story section. Anything you add will be viewable for 24 hours from the time you snapped it. After that it'll disappear into nothingness along with the rest of your Snapchats. In recent updates Snapchat has also added the ability to video chat face to face with other Snapchat users.

Snapchat will never store your photos, videos, or messages on their servers but as always, Snapchat can not prevent users from taking screenshots of your photos or videos. It can let you know when that happens but as always, just assume that whatever you put on the internet will stay on the internet in some form. However, that isn't to say all Snapchatters are up to no good. If you've got a lot of friends using the service, it definitely makes for a fun and unique way to share memories and keep in contact.

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