Apples sneaks new "Catalogs" category into App Store ahead of iPad 3 event

It's the eve of Apple's highly anticipated iPad 3 event and Apple has snuck in a new "Catalogs" category into the App Store. The new Catalogs category is not yet available from the categories tab of the App Store, but you can see it in the description of some apps like Catalogue by TheFind as seen in the photo above.

This is interesting, to say the least. Apple doesn't often add new categories to the App Store. There are a lot of catalog apps in the App Store, so it will be nice to have a consistent place to find them (previously, you would find them in the Lifestyle or Utility sections.)

But again, with the iPad 3 event so very, very close, could there be something more to it?

Source: MacRumors

Leanna Lofte

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