SongArc hits all the right notes, finally lands on the iPhone and iPad

SongArc has finally hit the App Store. Previously a Windows Phone exclusive, the title has made its way to both the iPhone and iPad, bringing the ultimate rhythm experience in tow.

The game tasks you by tapping the arc when the notes (represented by coloured shapes) cross the barrier. By holding down for extended notes or tapping for short staccato ones, you have a rainbow of colours to access for visual cues and to score maximum points. You can even quickly tilt the device for bass/drum effects, which adds yet another method for interaction.

Don't mistake the game for being easy, though. Depending on which track you're jamming to, SongArc can be unforgiving.

It's possible to not only choose the difficulty level and which instruments to emphasize, but you can also download new sheets online for your favorite songs. As long as there's a sheet for that song you have on your phone, you can play it in SongArc. If you don't have enough music stored locally, there's a bunch of licensed content in the "Featured Artist" program.

Some key featured of SongArc:

  • Incredibly addictive gameplay with expressive gestures for phones or tablets.
  • Play any song, anywhere: All genres supported
  • A sophisticated built-in "Sheet Creator" lets you create and share how you play.
  • An easy way for upcoming artists to grow their fan base and sell more albums.
  • Free content from amazing Featured Artists.
  • Earn trophies and go for the top spot in the online leaderboards

It's available for free, so there's really no reason why you shouldn't download it and give it a go. You're also good to go on not only your iPhone, but the iPad too.

Rich Edmonds