Sony's noise-canceling earbuds are at lowest price ever on Prime Day

Sony Wf1000xm4 Lifestyle
Sony Wf1000xm4 Lifestyle (Image credit: Sony)

Sony makes some incredible earphones and the WF-1000XM4 only solidifies its legacy in the high-quality audio space. Some might say these are some of the best true-in-ear wireless earbuds, offering class-leading noise canceling, a unique design, and excellent battery life in a now environmentally friendly package. They're also around 30% off this Prime Day — making this fairly new pair of earbuds the cheapest they've ever been. You can get a pair for $198 at Amazon right now.

With a deal like this, it's likely they won't stick around for long. The sale price won't last beyond Prime Day either, so even if, by some miracle, they don't sell out, expect them to launch straight back up to full price on Thursday when Prime Day is over.

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The WF-1000XM4s are some of the best true wireless earbuds and are Sony's latest addition to its earbud lineup. They're bigger and better and address some key areas of concern from the previous models. The case has shrunk and is now a far more pocketable affair, and the earbuds themselves have been minimized down from what looked like a Bluetooth headset from the early 2000s to something that now resembles a small plastic piece of modern sculpture.

Inside, you'll find improved noise canceling made even better by the included foam tips. They're specifically designed to focus on the lower register as well, making them excellent at blocking out the sound of bus engines and street noise. Sound-wise, they are pretty typical Sony fare, with bass-forward sounds, but they'll please pretty much everyone bar the most critical audiophile.

Battery life is good, giving you a combined 24 hours with the case and there's IPX4 water resistance for those that want to take them to work out. They're a great option for people looking for a solid AirPods Pro alternative, with arguably more body to the sound and more up-to-date noise canceling.

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