Sophiestication Software winds down as developer takes job at Apple

Sophia Teutschler, the developer behind Sophiestication Software, is joining Apple as part of the UIKit Frameworks team. This means that the apps that she develops, including Articles, Tipulator, and Groceries, will soon stop receiving updates. While some of her apps have received updates for iOS 7, others, such as Articles, will only get minimal updates, according to a post on the Sophiestication blog:

There will be one additional update to Articles though. The upcoming version 2.6 will sport a new iOS 7-style app icon made by the talented folks at the Iconfactory.

Additionally, Tipulator just updated with an iOS 7-style icon, and Groceries 4 is in review and updated for iOS 7, so users should expect to see that update after iOS 7 launches tomorrow. Magical Weather, the iPad weather app, has been sold to MetroGroup, and will continue on with that company. Customer support emails will no longer be answered, but Teutschler says that the company's Twitter account will remain active, and that she may be able to provide quick answers to questions now and again.

Source: Sophiestication Software

Joseph Keller

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