Spaceteam updated with new challenges, experimental modes, and more

Spaceteam, the insanely fun, insanely frustrating co-op iPhone game that nearly gave me and many other people strokes at Macworld|iWorld this year has just been updated to version 1.2. Added features include a new Challenge Pack with Acknowledge Mode, Anomalous Mode, and Ship's Cat, a new Ship Pack with Steampunk and Retro skins, new experimental modes for large groups, including Massive Mode, Mystery Mode, and Deterministic Mode, and this:

Robot Uprisings can now be quelled.

Thank goodness!

I've made Spaceteam both a MacBreak Weekly pick of the week and an iMore editor's choice, so there's probably nothing more I can do to recommend it other than tell you that, if you haven't grabbed it already, to grab it now. You'll thank/hate me for it.

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