Speck Presidio2 Grip with MagSafe review: Slim protection with grip

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Bottom line: Speck's Presidio2 Grip now has full MagSafe compatibility, and the grips ensure you won't drop your phone.


  • +

    Now fully compatible with MagSafe

  • +

    Grips are now inverted

  • +

    Tactile button feedback

  • +

    13-foot drop protection

  • +

    Soft-touch finish with antimicrobial protection


  • -


  • -

    Susceptible to marking from MagSafe accessories

  • -

    Limited color selection

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Speck is a well-known brand when it comes to iPhone accessories. I'm pretty sure many of us used a CandyShell case way back in the day. It was one of my absolute favorite cases back then, and I pretty much got a CandyShell case for every iPhone since the iPhone 4 — the color combinations were what I loved the most. However, one of the flaws of the CandyShell line was that since it was always glossy, it ended up getting scratched up after a few months.

Eventually, Speck replaced the CandyShell line with the new Presidio series, which solved the problem of scratches by being more matte, and there are even clear options. While Speck did bring back the CandyShell cases, the Presidio has been the new bread-and-butter offering from Speck these days.

Recently, Speck has also added MagSafe compatibility to the Presidio lineup, including the Presidio2 Grip. I've been a big fan of the Presidio Grip since the iPhone XS, despite some flaws, and it's one of my favorite cases. I've been eagerly waiting for Speck to add MagSafe to this one, though I was curious how they would handle it since it had rubberized grips on the back. Thankfully, Speck solved the issue by inverting the grips inward to not interfere with MagSafe. Here's how the Presidio Grip 2 with MagSafe for the iPhone 13 Pro (arguably the best iPhone) stacks up.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe: Price and availability

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Side By Side

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Side By Side (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Most big-box retailers stock Speck products, such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more. However, since this is still relatively new for the iPhone 13 lineup, it isn't showing up quite yet on Amazon, but you can find it online at Best Buy and direct from Speck. While Speck has it listed at $55, you can get it for $10 cheaper at $45 at Best Buy.

The Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe is available in three colors: Coastal Blue/Black/Storm Blue, Graphite Grey/Black/Bold Red, and Black/White. Best Buy only carries the black and blue options, while the gray is only on Speck's website. Knowing Speck, more colors will probably come in the future.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe: Improved grips and MagSafe

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Front

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Front (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

When it comes to protecting my iPhone, I prefer slimmer cases that are still tough and durable with protection while also making it easier to hold my device. The Speck Presidio2 Grip is a case that has always done just that, but now it's even better.

The Presidio2 Grip with MagSafe features a soft-touch, matte finish that feels excellent to the touch. It also has Speck's Microban®, which helps to reduce 99% of bacteria growth on the case, creating a cleaner surface. You can find Microban® on most of Speck's lineup, though I can't verify just how effective this material is. However, I also disinfect my phone every night with a UV sanitizer like the PhoneSoap Pro.

The back grips are now inverted, making it compatible with MagSafe and solving past issues with the rubberized bits.

One of the past issues with the Presidio Grip cases was that the rubberized grips stuck out, which resulted in getting dirty, gross, and worn out (even peeling) over time. This has been resolved with the Presidio2 Grip with MagSafe because the grips are now inverted on the back, so you have indentations and grooves instead of rubber bits. However, the grips on the sides remain raised, which helps with the overall grip on the phone. In addition, contrasting little rubber pieces in all four corners help absorb shock upon impact.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Inverted Grips

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Inverted Grips (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Another reason for the inverted grips on the back is because this case is now fully compatible with MagSafe. With the old design of the Presidio Grip, the rubberized grips that protruded from the back would interfere with magnetic accessories. Since they've been inverted, going inwards like grooves instead of outward, the back is flatter, making it easy for accessories and chargers to precisely align and attach themselves to the MagSafe ring. I was always wondering how Speck would make the Presidio Grip compatible with MagSafe, and I'm glad to see them do it seamlessly.

Buttons are something else I'm quite nitpicky about with iPhone cases. Quite a few cases make it harder to get proper tactility when pushing the volume or side buttons. Thankfully, the Speck Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe buttons is clicky and tactile, making it feel like a natural extension of the phone itself. I've no issue pushing the buttons when I need to, and it feels great. In addition, there are precision cutouts for the mute switch, charging port, and speakers. The camera cutout is also accurate, but since the iPhone 13 Pro has such a large camera bump, the Presidio2 Grip also has to have a bit of a bump itself to accommodate it.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Bezels

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Bezels (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

The front of the case features a slightly raised bezel to keep your screen safe from debris if placed face-down on a flat surface. I also have an iPhone 13 Pro screen protector on, and the case does not interfere with its edges.

The camera cutout is slightly raised to accommodate the larger camera bump on the iPhone 13 Pro.

I've been using the Speck Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe ever since I got my iPhone 13 Pro, and it's held up well so far. I love how it adds more grip to my phone, making it easier and more comfortable to hold and use, and it's now fully compatible with my existing MagSafe accessories. And though I've dropped my phone once with this case on (a few feet from my bed to the hardwood floor), it still looks brand new.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe: More color, please

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Black Gray

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Black Gray (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

There isn't much that I dislike about the Speck Presidio2 Grip with MagSafe, except that the color selection is pretty limiting so far. After all, there are only three colors: blue, gray, and black. I was hoping for more colors like the regular Presidio2 Grip without MagSafe, but alas, that isn't the case yet. Hopefully, Speck will expand the color selection for the MagSafe version sooner rather than later.

I also noticed that the back of my gray Speck Presidio2 Grip with MagSafe has a somewhat noticeable spot because I always have my PopSocket PopGrip with MagSafe attached to it. However, I have noticed that some MagSafe accessories tend to leave marks or discoloration after a while, so I'm not sure who's to blame on that front, but just a heads up if you constantly use MagSafe accessories — the back of the Presidio2 Grip may show signs of that.

Last but not least, the Speck Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe is not a cheaper case option. However, I have been using the Grip cases for several years, and they're one of my favorites, so I believe that it's well worth the cost, especially now that it works with all of the best MagSafe accessories.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe: Competition

Incipio Grip Magsafe Black Side Grips

Incipio Grip Magsafe Black Side Grips (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

If you prefer your cases to be grippy, then a good alternative is the Incipio Grip for MagSafe for the iPhone 13 series. I reviewed the iPhone 12 Pro version, but the case is also available for the iPhone 13 four-device series. The back is hard plastic with a matte finish, and there are multidirectional grip enhancers along the bumper edges. They add great grip while you hold your device, and it also has MagSafe compatibility. It's around the same price as Speck, which is $50.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe: Should you buy it?

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Camera

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe Camera (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You like grippy phone cases
  • You want protection with a slim profile
  • You need MagSafe compatibility

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You don't need MagSafe
  • You're on a budget
  • You want more color in your life

For those who prefer to have a little more grip on their iPhones, the Speck Presidio2 Grip is a great case. It's slim, protective, and the grips on the sides and back make it even more comfortable to hold and use your new iPhone 13. Plus, this new version is fully compatible with MagSafe, so you can use the MagSafe charger or Battery Pack (or other alternatives), wallets, grips, or stands with no issue at all.

But if you don't use MagSafe accessories, you could probably get by with the regular Presidio2 Grip without MagSafe. The one without MagSafe also comes in more hues if you prefer something more bright and colorful. Of course, if you don't need additional grip with your iPhone, then there are other good cases to consider, even with a lower price tag.

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