Starbucks customers in Canada can now reload their accounts with Apple Pay

Starbucks has flipped a switch on its app for Canadian users, making it easier to reload their Starbucks accounts. Canadian iPhone owners can now use Apple Pay for reloading.

The Starbucks app was updated with fixes for Mobile Order & Pay, and the company may have stealthily added this feature with that update. To reload your Starbucks account, simply open the app and tap the big Reload button at the bottom of the screen. Pick a reload amount, then select Apple Pay as your payment method and pay. Of course, in Canada, you'll need to use your American Express card for the time being.

You can grab the latest update for Starbucks for iPhone from the App Store now.

Via: iPhone in Canada

Joseph Keller

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  • How come all the other countries accept Apple Pay but Canada doesn't accept it at least not from any major banks Sent from the iMore App
  • I want an answer on this also Sent from the iMore App
  • All other countries don't accept Apple Pay - it's currently limited to the US, UK and a lame Amex only deal in Canada and Australia. Sent from the iMore App
  • AMEX is lame. Hardly anyone uses it in Canada. Disapointing Apple!
  • If you're a Canadian who would like to use Apple Pay, don't look at Apple as the cause of the issue -- look to your own lame banking system, they're the ones holding it up. That switch could be flipped tomorrow if they wanted, and Apple certainly has a keen interest in it. Apple is not the problem here.