No sooner did Apple flip the switch on Pull My Finger but 14 fart-themed apps have hit the App Store and according to Macrumors, leader of the app pack, iFart Mobile, generated $9198 in one day. I need to quit this blog and go make iDoody, or something (don't tell Dieter!).

Daring Fireball weighs in on the use of private API's, disagreeing not only with the practice of using them, but with the people who use and tell others hot to use them. A risky practice to be certain, and one that does endanger the user experience, but I like to think (or hope) developers are adults who will make their own informed decisions and take personal responsibility for those decisions, not try to lay blame on code samples or books.

Lastly, we have a rant sent in from PHARTGAMES developer Perry Hart who's more than a littler frustrated with the continued delays and absolute opacity of Apple's approval process:

I submitted ZombieMangle over a week ago now, Which was what i though would be a perfect time to release just before christmas. However, A few days after submission apple sends me an email stating that they require "Unexpected Additional Time For Review" with no reason whatsoever for the delay. So I do a search for any other developers who have received this email, and it appears there's ALOT of them. What this email basically means is that your application has joined a queue which never gets looked at and your app wont be approved, or rejected depending on apples discression for months. One developer has been on the queue for three months, and received absolutely no information about what was wrong.

Emails to support were ignored, phone calls to support were outsourced and scripted, and complaints in the official forums have gotten boiler plate from the mods. Hart's conclusion:

I think it's time that all developers and potential developers know that they are working with amateurs.

Did Apple underestimate just how popular the App Store would be? Were they unprepared? And is their newness to the market -- the newness OF the market -- overwhelming them a degree such that they simply cannot cope? Or is this just Apple being Apple again, saying nothing and leaving people to increasingly frustrated assumptions?