First up, with the previous rejection of Gmail client MailWrangler, Engadget says another app which also dares to "duplicate features" found in a Dock App (Apple's own MobileMail) has actually been accepted into the App Store. Did BdEmailer slip through the cracks? Or is this a sign of inconsistency on Apple's part? Hot on the heels of the controversy surrounding Google's Advance Voice Search using non-public API's, developer confidence in the approval process might drop even further...

...Though Ars' own Erica Sadun reveals the story of one developer who, after initially having their App rejected by Apple, tried and tried again, and without making a single change to the app, had it approved the second time around. Embarrassing for Apple, if the policies really are that inconsistent.

Speaking of embarrassing, Wired reveals that one developer actually got Amazon's mechanical turk involved in paying for reviews. Users who get $4 -- $2 to "buy" the app, and $2 in bonus for leaving a 5-star review.

Lastly, Erica Sadun is back to remind us that, with the release of iPhone OS 2.2, the NDA is now lifted regarding that firmware, and the public dumping can begin! Any guesses as to what goodies will be found?