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Steve Speaks: Apple Will Fix App Crashes in September

Steve Jobs and App Store icon
Steve Jobs and App Store icon (Image credit: iMore)

Gotta love Steve Jobs and his blunt-force emails. This time, it's a lucky AppleInsider reader who sent it on a complaint about crash-prone applications, a problem which has plagued the iPhone 2.0 pretty much since launch. And what did the drive-by-Steve'ing say?

This is a known iPhone bug that is being fixed in the next software update in September

Will that be the still-in-beta 2.1? Another hotfix like 2.0.2? Jobs, of course, didn't elaborate. Smart money, however, would be on a 2.0.3 rev. so that Apple doesn't have rush 2.1 out prematurely, with just more of the same issues.

I know my Apps experience the dreaded Home Screening of Death (HSOD) semi-regularly, especially the new/updated ones. What about you? Smooth sailing or lots of crashes? If the latter, how far away must September seem? (And is it just us, or is the unresolved bug list for 2.x pretty dang scary compared to the relatively stable 1.x?)

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Crash rate has increased considerably since 2.0. Contacts page, once again is very sluggish. Anyone else facing this problem?
  • Horrible. I feel like I have my Treo 650 back. Each hot fix has been an exercise in disappointment. Not a single issue fixed. Slow texting, slow contacts list, etc.
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  • so, one reader on an apple blog claims that they got a one line reply from jobs and every tech blog reports it as fact?? what the hell? i've seen this on gizmodo, engadget, and damn near every apple and iphone blog, and every one of them is making fact out of an unsubstantiated post on another blog. how about some responsible journalism, folks? what ever happened to check your facts? what crap.
  • I was wondering if anoyne has seen these commercials? I have not seen one lately, and would like to know what station or tv show you saw the commercial on.
  • September seems twice as far away because my birthday is in September too. And I get the HSOD at least 10 times a day. Yesterday I even got a white screen of death. I had to do my first restore to fix it.
  • with 2.01 and 2.02 and the subsequent updates to a couple of programs, I have had almost 0 HSOD problems. NY Times and Bloomberg were 2 pretty regular crashers, that are crash free now. I do have some problems with safari, usually when typing something more than a few words, the keyboard slows down, then the program quits.
  • I have had to restore my phone about 3 or 4 times this past week. I get stuck on a reboot loop (or something) where the phone just shows the booting up apple logo. I didn't have to do it once with 2.0.
  • I regularly experience keyboard lag, contacts lag, and HSOD, often when running apps, but even when running apple apps.
  • Keyboard lag, apps crashing, then every 3rd party app crashed...then all my music disappeared. Not good.
  • Never had any keyboard lag at all. still don't
    Of course maybe i'm ignoring the COMMON SENSE LAG
    Yeah if your phone is doing something like trying to load a webpage.. of course you're going to get keyboard lagg.. I just ignore it, why because I expect it.
    I'm beginning to not like the TONE i am seeing of all of you people complaining about Stability and crashes. You want a "BETTER" phone? then go get a blackberry or an LG or something, THOSE ARE BETTER right? I mean.... cough cough Am i right? Pffftt..
    Listen up, If you're not expecting problems, and a bumpy road with a new device like this then you're using the wrong phone. It's going to be a shaky beginning with all of this stuff... first off we are leading the way in front of all the other phones out there. Since the iPhone everyone trying to copy cat and make their Touch screen devices now. Either Buckle down and have some patience and wait for the storm to pass or stop complaining and just get outta here... and go get a new phone.
  • dont you dare dis windows pc's you piece of S***Face, i'm ieterestnd in a device like this coz itl be handy for uni, but i hate when Macs Dis Windows, burns me , cant macs just STFU
  • I'm not getting too many app crashes, although they do happen a few times a day. My biggest issue is still the fact that I will sometimes not get any type of connection with 3G - and then it doesn't switch over to Edge. If I manually switch to Edge I'll connect, albeit slower. 3G is just really inconsistent on my phone, regardless of how many 'bars' I have at the time. Can get very frustrating!
    Help me Obi-wan-2.1-update, you're my only hope....
  • I get a lot of keyboard lags, Safari crashes while I browse the internet often, and everything from pressing the call button, to checking my contact list is reaalllllllllly slow. Why did I buy this bloat phone, I ask myself every day.
  • All I know is that before I downloaded version 2.02 I never had a dropped call and now since loading 2.02 and from the same location I get a dropped call every time I make one. I so wish I could go back to 2.01.
  • been having alot of trouble txting. very sssllloooowwwwww.
    used to run into the same thing with my curve tho....but at least with the BB you could continue to type, and sooner or later, the phone would catch up. not so with this winner....since the letters "pop up" and block the letters around it, you are forced to wait. and wait. seems like they should have called this one the Wait to get it, you Wait for it to work, you Wait for them to fix it........
  • Talking from a first gen iphone perspective. With firmware 1.1.1 - 1.1.4 everything just worked. I never had a single problem with slow contacts, texting etc. As soon as I loaded 2.0 the problems started. I head up an IT department that supports almost 400 people. Of course I tend to be the person people go to for computer/phone advise. I am no longer so quick to recommend the iphone.
  • Does it bother anyone that VPN cannot stay on after it enters sleep mode? After the 2.0.2 update, mine stayed on that night and through this next morning until I manually restarted the phone (my option). I do not think they can compete with BB until they get the VPN to auto reconnect. Thoughts?
  • contacts is Much slower than 30 year old computers!!!
    The software engineers on this iPhone are horrible to put it nicely.
    It is a bug ridden piece of garbage. They should be ashamedvof themselves!
  • I assume Jobs has and uses an iPhone and he must be frustrated by its shortcomings.(That is if he downloads apps. If he doesn't his knowledge would be second hand. I have the apps crash return to home screen problem ACRTHSP and iPod wipe out or iWipe (how are those things connected?). I hope we don't have a hardware issue here! My general feelings about all of this is that these devices (almost all of them) are not yet "mature" and that all of us eager to have this technology are doing the usual beta testing at our own expense. With computers, it has always been thus. I don't blame SJ in particular--the whole industry is flawed in this respect. Please get it fixed soon, however.
  • "I’m beginning to not like the TONE i am seeing of all of you people complaining about Stability and crashes." iPhoneMilk Who cares if you're tired of it? None of us! We just want issues fixed that should never have been issues in the first place. It's not unreasonable to want your $300 phone to work. Some bugs are expected, yes. But Apple has not been communicating with us and we deserve some reassurance. Sorry if it bothers you. Idiot!
  • For all its handsome appearance, the iPhone does not deliver what many cheaper phones do. I had a Sony E and loved it. Took very good pictures and video and allowed you to share these. I blithely assumed (though I should have checked) that the iPhone would have allow this too--after all it does have bluetooth. I have, however, accepted these shortcomings. With the App crashes however, the device is beginning to look like a lemon. I agree with Stephen here--Apple should be communicating with its customers and acknowledging that they know of this problem and promising that they will fix it SOON.
  • After owning a 3G iPhone for about a month now, I can confirm that the "home screen of death" is one of the main problems I experience. It's the worst when your are entering data when it happens. Sometimes the data is there after the crash, sometimes not.
    The other problem I cannot stand is the lagging keyboard while texting. I don't even do a lot of texting and experience it.
    Other than that, the phone works and I actually get great 3G service despite other's problems.
  • I have the iPhone 3g and so far the issues I have had are lagging keyboarding, short life of battery, and other little issues. I do really like this phone despite these issues.
  • Crash rate is about 70%. its not just the 3rd party apps either. Safari crashes on a regular basis. the Keyboard lag when text messaging is getting annoying as well. Also i dont know if anyone else is having this problem, but sometimes when i turn the phone off and back on to reset the memory(which usually fixes the keyboard lag)the set up screen will appear asking me to plug it into itunes to activate the phone as if it was brand new. the only way ive been able to fix it with out setting up the phone all over again is perform the hard reset by holding down the button you use to lock the phone and the button at the bottom you use to close applications at the same time for serveral seconds. that seemed to get it working again. when it came back on it advised me it "phone has now been activated" anyone else having this problem?
  • safari crashes, contacts crashes regularly, camera is crazy slow and this is 2.1!
    I'd like to know when apple will make a useable phone. My imate jasjam was better than this.
    Fix the poor SMS interface, add predictive text, fix the backwards auto correction, allow me to copy and paste, allow complete deletion of SMS conversations, the creation of notes in the past & future... and that's just SMS, notes and email.
    What about number to contact auto completion on the phone? (thought I should stop at one).
    The list of fixed is endless. If you want me to UAT the fixes Steve, let me know.
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