Streaming service CraveTV shakes loose cable shackles, now open to all Canadians

CraveTV has announced that their streaming service is now open to all Canadians. The service will now allow anyone in the country to stream oodles of popular TV shows for $7.99 a month. Prior to this wider availability, a subscription to CraveTV was only available through select cable and satellite providers.

For those new to the service, CraveTV offers on-demand access to a large variety of content from every major Hollywood studios, including those from HBO and Showtime. Some of the more popular titles on offer include The Sopranos, Entourage, Ray Donovan, South Park and Seinfeld.

If you'd like to check out CraveTV, you can sign up for the service now with a one-month free trial followed by a charge of $7.99 per month after. And in addition to streaming from the website, you can also grab CraveTV's app for iPhone and iPad at the link below.

Thanks to @TruckClancy on Twitter for the tip!

Source: Bell Media

Dan Thorp-Lancaster