Stride jailbreak tweak lets you unlock your device with just a gesture

Stride is a new jailbreak tweak which is available now,  it allows you to passcode protect your device but without the need for a boring old passcode. Instead of a series of numbers or letters, the Stride jailbreak tweak lets you set up an on screen gesture to do the job for you.

Unlocking your iOS Device just got a whole lot cooler. Never again do you need to worry about entering some lengthy password, or are limited to 9 points on a grid. With Stride, you unlock with gestures! Simply draw your password. That's it.

The developer of Stride,  Adam bell has also enabled the ability to have the passcode lock available as well as the gesture based unlock; this allows an extra level of security and the ability to unlock your device if you forget what  your gesture  was. The jailbreak tweak is available now via the Cydia installer for $2.99. It is not compatible with the iPad at the moment and we don't know if it ever will be.

Source: YouTube


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