Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to get all 120 Shines in Super Mario Sunshine

Course 5: Sirena Beach

Sirena Beach

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To unlock Sirena Beach, you have to complete episode 4 of Pinna Park. When you do, return to Delfino Plaza and discover Shadow Mario with a Yoshi Egg. Spray the foe down to free the Yoshi Egg. Once it's free, bring over the fruit it is thinking of to hatch the dinosaur. Jump onto Yoshi and climb onto the roof with the giant pinapple lodge in a pipe. Use Yoshi to clear the pipe and head to Sirena Beach.

Episode 1: The Manta Storm

When you enter Sirena Beach, head to the angry Hotel owner at the highest point of the map. Talk to him to trigger the entrance of the Phantamanta. This is a huge shadow of a Manta and is one of the tougher bosses in the game.

You must soak Phantamanta by any means necessary. As you start to damage Phantamanta, it'll start breaking into smaller mantas. Spray those and break them down into even smaller mantas. Once they turn pink, they'll direct their attack directly at Mario. Bob and weave their attack and use every opportunity to dose the mantas with water. Be sure to avoid the trail of electric goo that the mantas leave behind as well. Eventually the onslaught will end, and the Shine will be yours

Episode 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret

The Hotel that was under siege by the Phantamanta has returned, but now it's full of ghosts. The mayor just can't catch a break! Talk to the Pianta at the door and enter the lobby. It's crawling with Boos. Shoot the pink boos with FLUDD to create platforms and jump up. Follow the path of pink books until you get to the top. Jump into the mouth of the Boo statue and watch a cutscene where Shadow Mario snatches FLUDD. A tale old as time.

For this Old-School stage, you'll have to make use of enemies to clear gaps. Use the wandering enemies near the ledge to bounce up to the next level and then time your jumps so they align with the floating baddies. Break the bricks to create a path to wall jump up. Once on top, you'll have to contend with dissolving sand blocks. Move quickly and make it to the solid watermelon blocks.

At the end, there's a rotating block that'll lead you to a small sand area. Make your way around it and the Shine Sprite will be yours.

Episode 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino

The hotel is now open, though it's standards are questionable. In the lobby there's a Yoshi Egg who is craving pineapple, and the fruit stand is fresh out. We'll have to fulfill Yoshi's demand to get the Shine on this level.

Head to the men's bathroom on the first floor (on the far-left corner if you are coming from the entrance), and go to the stall at the end with the leaky toilet. Jump up from there and you'll end up in a second-floor bathtub. Don't use any doors from here on out, as they will lock behind you and you'll have to start this journey again from the start. Pass the Boos and the Noki children and reveal an image of a Boo on the closet by shooting it with water. Once all the panels are flipped, it will open into another room.

In the next room, you'll find some Pink Boos terrorizing a poor Pianta. Spray them to turn them into platforms, and then hop up to the next level. Once you flip through the floor panel, shoot the yellow bookshelf to reveal another room. Head into it and ground pound the discolored panel in the floor to drop down into a room with crates and a Giant Boo sleeping in the doorway. Break the crate to your immediate left and you'll finally find a pineapple. Leave through the door and head back to the Yoshi Egg.

Once Yoshi has been hatched, jump on his back and take the stairs to the top levrel. At the top, you'll spot your prize. Head to the open hotel room just pass the Shine room. Jump on the bed and hop into the vents.

The Giant Boos are no match for Yoshi's tongue. Head down the passage to the sweeper's left. Make a left turn at the four-way intersection, and pass the left turn that leads to the real Blue Coin. If you want to get the Shine, take the next left, and ground pound the crack in the room at the end of that shaft. The Shine is yours.

Episode 4: The Secret of Casino Delfino

Enter the hotel lobby and walk to the pink Pianta blocking a door in the lobby. Talk to him and he'll lead you into the hotel casino. On both sides, there's a slot machine to play. Shoot the panels and spin until you get 777 on both. After that, the curtain will rise in the middle and reveal a board of question marks. Spray the board until you form a picture of a Shine Sprite. Once you've done that, the board will clear away, revealing a pipe. Jump into it and watch as Shadow Mario swipes FLUDD.

This secret level might look difficult, but it's actually one of the easier secret stages. Adjust your camera and dodge the first few cubes and ride the rotating cube platform to the other size. Jump between the moving pegs, the spinning wooden block, and then ride another rotating block to your prize.

Episode 5: King Boo Down Below

Head back into the casino and ground pound the only purple panel to be brought into King Boo's lair. King Boo is easy to defeat, as he doesn't really attack you directly. Spin his slot machine, ground pounding the purple panels to temporarily stop the roulette wheel. You want to get fruit, since this is the only way to damage him.

When you eventually get fruit, pick up the chili pepper and toss it at King Boo's tongue, and then throw another fruit at him as he panics. The combination is deadly to the ghoul. Do this three times to defeat King Boo.

Episode 6: Scrubbing Sirena Beach

In this episode, you are given three minutes to clear all of the goo on the beach. Make use of the Water Barrels nearby as well as running while spraying water. You need to clear about 99% of the muck, so there's some room for error, but not much. You'll know you've reached your quota once the timer stops. When that happens, walk over the the Mayor and claim your prize.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Checks In

Shadow Mario is back again and running through the hotel. This time, the Boos are also impersonating Shadow Mario. You'll be able to tell them apart from the real thing though. They're lacking the paintbrush and theme music. Chase him and spray him down until he gives up the Shine.

Episode 8: Red Coins in the Hotel

Step into the hotel and ground pound the red switch. This will make the Red Coins appear along with a timer. You have five minutes to collect all eight Red Coins.

  1. The first Red Coin is right next to where you activated the switch.
  2. Head through the passage in the men's toilet and jump into the upstairs room. Spray the painting next to the Pianta to reveal a Boo. Jump through and walk into the room with the Nokis to find the second Red Coin.
  3. Leave the room and run over to the reception desk on the floor to find the third Red Coin.
  4. Run upstairs to grab the fourth Red Coin.
  5. Grab the fifth Red Coin in the pool room.
  6. Head back to the first floor and check the ladies room for the sixth Red Coin.
  7. Go up to the top floor, into the open room near the pool room, and bounce on the bed into the vents. Go down the path on the sweeper's right-hand side, all the way to the corner room with six gold coins. Ground pound the crack and will drop into the room with the Dolphic poster. Shoot it down and grab the seventh Red Coin.
  8. Jump into the next room and ground pound the off-color floor panel and you'll find the final Red Coin.

The Shine will appear in the hotel lobby.

100 Coin Shine Sprite (Sirena Beach)

You will need to collect 100 coins to unlock another Shine. Here are some tips:

  • Episode 3 is the best episode to use.
  • Spray the flames for coins outside, then spray the flames inside the hotel, and search for coins in the pools.
  • You can get more coins from lamps and other pieces of furniture in higher floors, as well as from Boos.
  • Use Yoshi and start eating Boos.
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