Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to get all 120 Shines in Super Mario Sunshine

Course 6: Noki Bay

Noki Bay

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Collect 20 Shines to unlock Noki Bay. When you do, a rainbow appears near the Fountain by the canal in the center of town. If Mario stands in the center of the rainbow and looks at the sun, you will be transported to Noki Bay.

Episode 1: Uncork the Waterfall

Noki Bay has been poisoned thanks to Monty Mole corking the waterfall. He's positioned at the top of a cliff, shooting balls of colorful goop down the hill we need to climb. Hop across the water and do not fall in; the poisonous water will hurt Mario. Jump forward and around the pillar until you get to a sign and a scale. Jump onto one end of the scale and shoot water into the jug hanging across to pull yourself up.

Continue climbing up the side of the cliff, using FLUDD's hover nozzle and some careful platforming to avoid the gaps and the incoming projectiles. Follow the signs until you get to another scale. Pump water into it to get to the next level.

The following is tricky, and you must climb the wall using a combination of wall jumps and FLUDD's Hover Nozzle. The spin jump is particularly helpful here. Continue to dodge the projectiles and climb, stopping at the fresh water to refill FLUDD's tank. Monty Mole is waiting for you just ahead.

Monty fights the same as as he did in Pinna Park, though he tosses bombs at a faster rate now. Stun the bombs with a spray of water and chuck them back at Monty to unplug the waterfall and claim the Shine.

Episode 2: The Boss of Tricky Ruins

Start by jumping across the poison water, using FLUDD to avoid the fish bouncing around between platforms and speak to the Noki fisherman, who will tell you about an ancient Noki King buried nearby, He tells Mario that spraying the magic paintings on the wall will reveal a path. Take his advice and spray the painting behind him to reveal a path.

You'll have to wall jump up the wall and you only have 30 seconds, so you'll have to move fast. Wall jump to the right, and then the right again. Once you're out of the course, spray the smaller bloopers away and spray the next painting. Follow the path to the end and you'll find your old friend, Gooper Blooper.

Gooper Blooper is more aggressive this third time around but fights the same way it has the pass two rounds. Remove his arms, dodge the smaller bloopers, and spray his face until you can pull the cork out of his mouth. Try removing the center two tentacles if Gooper Blooper is giving you too much trouble. Pull his snout one more time and the squid will be defeated.

Episode 3: Red Coins in a Bottle

At the start of the level, Mario will be greeted by the same Noki that has been helping him the last few episodes. He claims that he knows how to solve Noki Bay's water problem, but he needs Mario to practice, so he sends him into a bottle. Hmph, ok.

Important to remember that Mario will slowly lose oxygen while he's underwater. If you find yourself low on oxygen, grab a coin to restore Mario's supply.

  1. The first one is right in front of you when you start. Switch to hover mode and jet forward to get it.
  2. The second Red Coin is in the middle of the water.
  3. If you turn after collecting the second coin, you'll spot two Red Coins very close to each other, as if they are marking out a path for you to follow.You've got the third and forth coins!
  4. On the floor near the edge of the bottle by the sign, you'll find the fifth Red Coin.
  5. Head to the column of yellow coins (a sign with an arrow pointing up is nearby). When you step near the sign, Mario gets shot up by a forceful current. At the top of a row of Gold Coins, you'll find the sixth coin.
  6. Look for the castle at the bottom of the bottle. The seventh Red Coin is outside of the castle on a small rock.
  7. The final coin is inside the small room on top of the castle.

Once you've collected all 8, the Shine is yours.

Episode 4: Eely-Mouth's Dentist

The episode starts with a Noki telling you that his Grandpa is waiting for Mario at the top of the waterfall. He gives Mario a helmet, as well. Take the rope shortcut back to the cliff you climbed when you were battling Monty Mole earlier. You'll find the Noki at the top who will explain that the waterfall has clear a way into the bay and that the poison is coming from an eel underneath. Jump down the waterfall to enter Eely's domain.

Once you're underwater, you'll be greeted by four glowing lights in the depths of the ocean. Eely will start shooting toxic purple bubbles at you. Dodge them as you approach. When you're close enough, Eely will reach out, revealing his rotten mouth. Shoot his plaque ridden teeth with FLUDD's stream of water to clean them. You'll know you're done when Eely's tooth is sparkling.

Because you're underwater, Mario will slowly lose oxygen as the fight continues. If you find yourself getting low, swim to the sides and collect Gold Coins to replenish your health and oxygen. Dodge the poisonous bubbles coming from Eely's mouth and clean every tooth, until it's satisfied.

Episode 5: II Plantissimo's Surf Swim

Thanks to your work in the previous episodes, the water in Noki Bay is now back to normal and has begun to bring back tourist, like II Plantissimo. Take the shortcut rope up to Plantissimo and talk to him to accept his challenge.

The flag is behind you, towards the area where you met the Noki grandpa in Episode 2. This race isn't too hard, as it turns out Plantissimo is a better runner than he is a swimmer. Jump back down into the water after him and make use of the platforms to stay ahead of him. It shouldn't be too difficult to best him on this level. Once you defeat him, the Shine is yours.

Episode 6: The Shell's Secret

You'll have to get up to the portal in the conch shell to enter the secret stage. The only way up there is to follow the ropes. Avoid the electric enemies and bounce your up to the top, using FLUDD's Hover Nozzle to keep you from over or under shooting your jumps. Jump into the conch shell and say bye to FLUDD.

This is one of the toughest secret stages. Wall jump out of the starting area, and then jump across the spinning and rotating platforms, Triple jump (or if you're feeling lucky, wall jump) to the platforms moving in and out of the wall. Jump across and climb up the pole to get to the next level. Walk over the tight rope and bounce to the platform with the nails sticking out. If you miss your jump, it's all over.

If you make it to the top, you'll have to move across the rotating logs, and then a tower of spinning platforms. Once you get passed those two obstacles, the only thing left to cross is one spinning wooden platform that's rotating at an angle. Don't forget to jump at the end and you'll land on the red platform where the Shine resides.

Episode 7: Hold it, Shadow Mario!

This episode like all of the other Shadow Mario episodes. Shadow Mario is a master at wall jumps, so remember if you can't keep up, you can always spray him from after. Hit him enough times and he'll call it quits.

Episode 8: Red Coin Fish

At the start of this episode, you'll once again be greeted by the Noki who tells you to visit his grandpa at the top of the waterfall. Head up there using the rope as a shortcut and once you're at the top, dive back into the bay, back into the area where you fought Eely Mouth.

The Red Coin fish will break apart and reform again, making collecting the coins a pain. Wait for the fish to reform into one unit and try and grab as many Red Coins as you can in one swoop. Once you get all eight, the Shine is yours.

100 Coin Shine Sprite (Noki Bay)

You will need to collect 100 coins to unlock another Shine. Here are some tips:

  • Use Episode 6 for the most coins.
  • There's 50 over the water just behind your starting position.
  • The rest of them can be filled by checking various tunnels.
  • Use the gold button switch at the top of the waterfall where Monty Mole was.
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