Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to get all 120 Shines in Super Mario Sunshine

Delfino Plaza

Delfino Plaza

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Delfino Plaza is the hub world that Mario uses to connect to the different courses on Isle Delfino. As you progress through the game, more activites become available.

Shines available from the start

The First Airstrip Shine

You get this Shine at the start of the game after defeating the first Polluted Piranha.

Beach Treasure

If you head east towards the beach, you'll notice sparkling on the beach. Spray it with some water and a Shine will emerge.

The Slide Mini-Game

You'll find a pipe east of the lighthouse. Jump in and you'll end up in a short stage where you have to slide down a series of ramps. It's pretty easy to get down safely, if you stick to the left side of the slide. If you time your jump as soon as the red section ends, you can skip a section. During the last part, move to the gray block in the middle and carefully slide down the thing beam. Once you've cleared that, the Shine is yours.

The First Dirty Bell

Jump onto the top of the building with the orange flag and then aim spray water at the bell to start cleaning it. After you've totally cleaned, a Shine will appear. To get the Shine, take the manhole that runs along the west side of town. It'll take you right to the building

Shines available after unlocking Bianco Hills

The Box Smashing Mini Game #1

The door near the canal area by the Shine Gate is now open. Once inside, you have 30 seconds to smash all the boxes in the room. It's as simple as that.

The Box Smashing Mini Game #2

After you complete the box smashing mini game the first time, leave and reenter. The boxes are stacked a little higher the second time around, but you should be able to use the spin jump to get to the top of the taller boxes.

Chuckster on the Roof

Head to the Northwest corner of town and head to the roofs. Find a roof with a weathervane and a Pianta sitting nearby. For the low, low price of one coin, he will chuck you to the top of the tower along the west side of town right next to a Shine Sprite.

Shines available after unlocking Gelato Beach

The Pachinko Mini Game

Ride on the boat that runs from the town to the small island with the fruit basket Pianta. When the boat passed under the bridge, you will notice a single gold coin underneath. Jump up and use FLUDD to hover into the hole and you'll enter the infamous Pachinko course.

This is a level that is entirely frustrating, much like the real game. Shoot up the trampoline to collect the first tree red coins, but you'll need some luck and patience to gather the remaining red coins. Holding left after the launch steers you left and holding right pushes your further to the right. Holding nothing will send you close to the middle. If you miss completely, you'll get shot out of the stage and lose a life.

Use FLUDD to try and steer you into the correct platforms. When you collect all eight, you'll have to fall in the center to collect your prize. Just be careful — you can still die even if you unlock the Shine.

100 Coin Shine Sprite (Delfino Plaza)

Getting 100 coins is easy in Delfino Plaza. Here are some tips.

  • Head through the tunnel network and collect all of the coins you can find.
  • Spray wanted posters, green birds, hanging signs, and open windows for coins.

Shines available after unlocking Pinna Park

The Gold Bird

Head to the island off of the east beach, where there is a blocked pipe. You'll notice that there is a small, gold bird flying around. Shoot it with water and reveal a Shine. Shines available after unlocking Yoshi.

The Lily Pad Mini Game

Getting to this mini game requires a couple of steps. First, hatch a Yoshi and find your way to the island with the fruit basket Pianta. You can either take the boat or the manhole tunnel. Once you're there, wait for the next boat which will take you to a metal structure south of the island. Eat some fruit while you wait and catch the final boat to your destination. Wash the orange goop off with Yoshi's juice and jump down.

This is a very difficult shine to get. You must collect all the red coins laid out before you. They're out in the open and you should have no problem finding them. Collecting them is another matter. Use short, controlled burst to slow the lily pad down so you can collect the red coins. The last coin in the current requires a jump. If you end up letting the lily pad go by, you can try to balance yourself onto the edges of the slide. Collect all the Red Coins and you'll get the Shine.

Shines available after unlocking the Turbo Nozzle

Turbo Nozzle Fun

Equip the Turbo Nozzle and fire yourself toward the building to the left of the Pianta statue. It's the building with the Yoshi Egg on the roof. Blast through the doors and you will find a Shine.

The Water Slide Mini-Game

Using the Turbo Nozzle, break through the doors of the police station to be transported to a long water slide. Line up straight down the middle and blast away on your Turbo Nozzle. Time your jumps just a little bit early, and you should make the jumps with no problem. The Shine is waiting at the end. Shines available after unlocking the Rocket Nozzle

Shines available after unlocking the Rocket Nozzle

The Lighthouse

Use the Rocket Nozzle and shoot up to the light house and you'll see a fire symbol on top. Rocket again and ground pound it to find a Shine.

Cleaning the Shine Gate

Use the Rocket Nozzle to blast to the grassy ledges behind it and then again to get up close. Hose it down and rocket up again to the top of the Shine Gate to claim your prize.

Cleaning the Second Bell

There's more cleaning to do! Rocket up to the second bell and shoot it with water. When it's clean, you'll earn a Shine.

The Tall Grass Mini Game

Head to the northwest shore and notice the palm trees sticking out of the wall. Rocket up to one at the end, and you'll find a pipe. In this mini game, you'll have to find the Red Coins hidden in the field. Switch the camera to an overhead view so you don't wander.

Most of the Red Coins found on this level are within something. Save the flaming Pianta to earn a Red Coin and defeat the two Pokeys and two Yunbos to get 4 more Red Coins. There's one Red Coin in the form of a red bird that perches on the tallest block in the area. Finally, you'll find one red coin in the put by the watermelon block and the final coin is sitting on top of a brown block. Once you collect all 8, the Shine is yours.

Shines available after you beat the game

The Second Airstrip Shine

After Shadow Mario floods Delfino Plaza, there will be a Pianta in a boat that will offer to take you to the airstrip for 10 coins. Do it and you'll be able to return to where you started the game.

To get the Shine here, grab the Turbo Nozzle, hit the red switch, and blast through the building for the first red coin. Follow the coin path around the airstrip to pick up the rest of the Red Coins. Grabbing all the red coins will make the Shine appear.

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