Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to get all 120 Shines in Super Mario Sunshine

Course 7: Pianta Village

Pianta Village

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Pianta Village is actually unlocked from the start of the game and can be entered through a pipe on top of the Shine gate. However, it's incredibly difficult to reach without the help of the Rocket Nozzle.

Episode 1: Chain Chomplets Unleashed

Poor Chain Chomplets have become overheated and are making a mess around the village, smearing fire goop everywhere they go. Pianta Village is big and maze like, so make a bee line towards the center of the village where you'll find a cool, refreshing body of water. You'll have to send the Chain Chomplets here to cool them off.

The Chain Chomplets bounce around town aimlessly. They don't attack, but the goo they leave behind will set Mario on fire. Use FLUDD to cool the Chain Chomplets down temporarily, and then grab their tails and snap them towards the water. Once all three Chain Chomplets are in the wayer, you'll get the Shine.

Episode 2: II Plantissimo's Crazy Climb

II Piantissimo will challenge Mario to another foot race acrpss the village and up a palm tree. The trick to winning this race is Mario's belly slide. Since the paths are wide and slide like, you should have no problem guiding Mario down one of the paths. Once you reach the end of the village, hop over the fence, and run up the palm tree. Best his 30 second time and you'll nab another Shine.

Episode 3: The Goopy Inferno

This level starts with Mario getting FLUDD snatched. It's almost like secret stage, though you have to recover FLUDD. There are two ways to get through this stage. The first is to head to the far side of the island and find the large hole that'll lead you to the underside of the villag. You'll have to navigate a maze that will eventually lead you to FLUDD.

The second, more unorthodox approach is to go around the village and find the stream of water. Swim into the area where you threw the Chain Chomplets and use the water droplets that fall off of Mario to clear a path to FLUDD. This requires Mario to jump in and out of the water quickly. It's a bit cumbersome but a lot faster than navigating the underside of the village. Once you've cleared enough of the goo, you should be able to safely jump over to the area where FLUDD has been dropped.

Once FLUDD has ben recovered, hop onto the golden mushroom, and wash the goo off of the mayor. He'll thank you and give you a Shine as a reward.

Episode 4: Chain Chomp's Bath

This village seems to have a Chain Chomp issue. Instead of dealing with three Chain Chomplets though, you'll have to contend with one giant one. There's a bath waiting for the Chain Chomp on the other side of the Village, so you'll have to do you best to get it there.

You can't snap the Chain Chomp like you could snap the Chain Chomplets. Instead, you pull on the Chain Chomp's chain and drag it to where you want to go, but you can only do so once the Chain Chomp has been cooled down. Lead the Chain Chomp down the left side of the village, spraying him down and adjusting his path if he starts to stray.

For the most part, let the Chain Chomp do the heavy lifting and bounce toward the tub. When he starts hopping by, spray him down and drag him into the tub. He'll thank you with a cool Shine.

Episode 5: Secret of the Village Underside

To get to the secret, you'll need Yoshi's help. Thankfully, you'll find a new Yoshi Egg waiting at the other end of the bridge that leads into the village. There's a tree near the back of the village that has one of ever fruit in its branches. Grab what Yoshi is craving and take it back to hatch the egg.

Head back to the start and jump down to the mushrooms growing underneath the village. Yoshi's flutter jump should make jumping across the mushrooms a breeze. Follow the trail of mushrooms until you make it to the end. Use Yoshi's juice to wash away the orange paint and hop in.

You'll lose FLUDD again but you'll be joined by a bunch of Piantas who want nothing more than to Toss Mario. Just keep in mind that the Chucksters toss Mario in the direction he is facing. It's pretty straightforward after that. Get tossed around enough and you'll find your way to the Shine

Episode 6: Piantas in Need

This level task Mario with finding 10 Islanders trapped under fire goo in three minutes. All of the islanders are on the ground level, so just circle the village and look for the rippling spots. That's where the villager is hiding. Be sure to clean them off 100% before moving on. You'll know you're done when they start cheering and sparkling.

Be sure to chat with the saved villagers afterwards, 8 out of the 10 will offer a blue coin for saving them. Head back to the Mayor once the villagers have been saved and claim your prize.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Runs Wild

Shadow Mario is back in town, and it's time to give him chase. You know the drill; follow him and spray him with water, and you'll be rewarded with a Shine.

Episode 8: Fluff Festival Coin Hunt

The fluff festival is in full effect in Pianta Village and giant tufts of dandelion are blowing through the air. Hidden amongst the fesitvities are 8 Red Coins.

  1. Go under the village and follow the path of mushrooms, much like you did in episode 5. Find the nearest piece of grating that runs vertically and climb up and onto the horizontal grating. Run around that and grab the first Red Coin.
  2. Head back up top and cross the bridge. Turn right, and climb up the giant palm tree. The leaf hanging over the bridge has the second Red Coin.
  3. The third Red Coin is hanging out under a regular sized palm tree on the left hand side of the village.
  4. The fourth Red Coin is in the fruit tree.
  5. Cross over to the hot spring where you gave Chain Chomp a bath. Grab the fifth Red Coin that's in the water.
  6. Head out of the bath tub and towards the back of the map. Just under the massive palm tree is the sixth Red Coin. Watch out for the bee hive nearby.
  7. Make a left from the bath tub until you find a stack of crates. Break through them and find the seventh Red Coin.
  8. Head back to the giant palm tree near the bath tub and climb up its trunk. Jump into one of its massive leaves and leap over to the palm tree in the middle of the village. Run up the leaves and you'll see the final Red Coin in the center.

The Shine will appear on a nearby cloud. To get to it, grab a dandelion tuft and gracefully float over to the cloud.

100 Coin Shine Sprite (Pianta Village)

You need to collect 100 coins to earn a Shine Sprite. Here are some tips:

  • Episode 5 is the best level to use for this.
  • Use Yoshi to knock down bee hives for coins, and then eat the bees for some more.
  • Yoshi can eat the Wind Duppies for 3 coins.
  • Ground pound the Pianta Statues nose for coins.
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